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Smart swimming googles with artificial intelligence AI​ with a display - Holoswim2 bring a mixture of advanced AR and AIs technologies to your mobile phone (for adults).

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Product description

Smart swimming googles with artificial intelligence AI​ with a display - Holoswim2 bring a mixture of advanced AR and AIs technologies to your mobile phone (for adults). Experience the future of swimming with the Near-eye Swim Metrics display, which provides real-time access to essential data right before your eyes underwater. Unlock the power of a personalized swim plan and post-swim data analysis to gain valuable insights and drive continuous improvement.

Smart VR swimming glasses for swimming virtual reality with a display in front of you that shows you various metrics (such as speed, number of laps, sailing time, etc.) in the current time.

They display data on time or distance traveled in real time directly on the display on the glasses

Swimming goggles with artificial intelligence holoswim 2

Swimming Sensor powered by AI

Enjoy maximum accuracy and lightning-fast detection with AI-powered swim sensors as the cutting-edge technology recognizes and tracks all swim shots and styles. Swimming goggles with integrated artificial intelligence represent a revolutionary step in the field of water sports and swimming. Their great use brings several exceptional advantages that improve not only performance, but also the overall swimming experience.

new chip

Swim with advanced AI analysis

Capture all your swim data in detail with the Holoswim2 swim goggles and get detailed performance insights through AI, including historical performance comparisons, key swim data ratings and personalized training gear. Smart sensors in the swimming goggles monitor the swimmer's movement and technique, providing valuable feedback. In this way, swimmers can analyze and improve their swimming style, achieving more efficient movements and improving their performances.

Smart vr swimming goggles with display

Recognizes all types of swimming styles

Holoswim glasses are able to recognize all types of swimming styles. Track your swimming with unrivaled accuracy. Swimming goggles stand out thanks to artificial intelligence powered by a swimming sensor that accurately recognizes different swimming styles, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke. The artificial intelligence in the glasses can function as a personal virtual trainer. It provides swimmers with training recommendations, improves their technique and helps achieve individual swimming goals. This makes it possible to train effectively without the need for a personal trainer.

smart swimming goggles for swimming virtual reality with display

Comparison with traditional swimming goggles

Holoswim AI swimming goggles offer access to real-time swim data, lap performance tracking, swim goal setting and even visualization of goal progress. The analysis of training after swimming is also a matter of course. The integration of artificial intelligence into swimming goggles adds a dimension of innovation and intelligent training to the world of swimming, improving not only swimmers' performance but also their overall swimming experience.

features swimming goggles advantages over the competition

HoloSport application

The HoloSport app provides a number of features. You just need to install it on your smartphone with the iOS or Android operating system and pair it with Holoswim glasses. You will immediately have access to a lot of data, information about your training. You will be able to compare your workouts and track improvements. The app even allows you to connect with other swimmers online and track your progress worldwide. Connectivity features allow sharing data and creating community groups for collaborative training and competition.

holosport swimming goggles application for smartphone

The only revolutionary AR swimming goggles that analyze your swimming performance using AI technology

Smart swimming goggles visualize your swimming data including distance, pace and laps during your swim, allowing you to monitor your performance in real time. Set your swimming goals and let the goggles calculate all the data for you. With real-time automatic lap counting and swim pace calculation chosen just for you, you'll immerse yourself in a seamless workout like never before.

smart Swimming goggles holo swim with smartphone app

Maximize your performance from your swim data

AI can record all your swimming data, ensuring you don't miss anything after swimming, helping you improve your swimming performance. You can see all the information in the application. By analyzing all your swimming styles, Holoswim AI goggles generate detailed swimming information on key metrics and schedule training advice to help you swim better.


AI Swimming Goggles virtual for swimming with a display

Key features

Real-time display of key metrics to help you stay focused while swimming.
Track your shots, distance/pace, laps, lap performance, calories, rest time and SWOLF score.
Accurate tracking of swimming data: Holoswim 2s is able to track all swimming styles: freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke.
Create a personalized exercise plan and track your training progress in real time in the glasses
World-class anti-fog technology to ensure your visual clarity underwater
No annual or monthly subscriptions! Free for life!

Smart Swimming Goggles holo swim


  • Weight: 70 g
  • Optical solution: AR holographic resin optical waveguide
  • Image source: OLED
  • Resolutions: 128 x 64
  • Wireless frequency: 2400 - 2480 MHz
  • Maximum transmission power: 8 dbm
  • Sensor: IMU unit
  • Battery: 70 mAh lithium battery
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Battery life: 4 hours (varies depending on user habits)
  • OTA update: supported
  • IP rating: IPX8
  • Temperature of use: 0 - 35 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 - 45 °C

Package contents:

  1. Swimming goggles with artificial intelligence AI Holoswim
  2. Holoswim case for glasses
  3. Glasses case
  4. USB cable
  5. Replacement nose clips
  6. Manual

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