Nox sleepace - Night lamp with monitoring and analyzing sleep

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Nox sleepace - Night lamp with monitoring and analyzing sleep. When you want to sleep, your night lamp Nox helps you to fall asleep easier by setting the light and pleasant music.

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Product description

Nox sleepace - Night lamp with monitoring and analyzing sleep. When you want to sleep, your night lamp Nox helps you to fall asleep easier by setting the light and pleasant music. In the morning it will wake you up with its smart alarm clock. Night lamp has built-in sensitive sensor that collects data during the night about your sleep. It records the movements of your body during the night, the frequency of heart rate, breathing speed and duration of sleep.

Sensor measures the ambient temperature, humidity, senses the intensity of the ambient light and sounds in the room. On the basis of this information it evaluates whether the environment in which you sleep is ideal and it will suggest changes. All data are recorded and through the application are forwarded to your mobile phone. The application data are processed and evaluated in a summary graphs. The application offers a complex analysis of sleep with specialized instructions how to improve sleep.

Sleepace Nox lamp

Nox lamp is multifunctional device for monitoring, analyzing sleep and contributes actively to its functions to improve it. The sensor for monitoring is integrated directly in the lamp, therefore it does not need to be installed on the body and will not disrupt you. Another feature is the pleasant music and light. Through it stimulates your body to produce a substance melatonin, which is necessary for your falling asleep. The application turns off the music and light as soon as you will fall asleep. The device monitors your sleep and after setting the alarm for a certain hour, evaluates at 30 minute intervals your sleep and determines at what phase is your best wake. Sleepace Nox lamp has a function of simulation of sunrise and a variety of sounds such as rain, murmur of the sea, the birds singing, fire cracking a.s.o.. The lamp has available 16 million colors. In the back a speaker, connection to the power adapter and USB port for charging your phone. The connection to the mobile phone provides WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Sleepace Nox weighs 640 grams and is powered by AC/DC adapter.


Sleep dot application



plus Monitoring and complete analysis of sleep
plus Monitoring of heart rate, breathing and body movements
plus Monitor of the environment temperature, humidity, light intensity and noise
plus 16 million colors
plus Connection with the application on your phone via Bluetooth
plus The smart alarm clock and simulation of sunrise



Data Transfer: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
Range of device: 10m
Power: 15W
Adapter 12V 1,5A
Operating System: Android 4.3 and higher, iOS7 and higher
Weight: 640 grams
Dimensions: 10,9 x 10,9 x 22,6 cm



1x Sleepace Nox lamp
1x Power Adapter
1x Manual

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