NASA lamp for plants

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NASA lamp for plants for sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Look at our offer and find exactly what you look for.

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Product description

NASA lamp for plants offers an incredible way how to grow plants indoors, in halls and greenhouses, in the house, shed, or in basement. Red and blue LED lamps will give to your plants the help they need.

LED lamp produces light of red and blue colour, in order to promote and reach the highest growth of plants. These are the most important colored lights for your indoor plants for regulating their healthy growth and improving of the natural process of photosynthesis. It is incredibly effective, protects the plants and also saves energy.

The lamp has been designed to protect the environment it is small, portable and lightweight. The cultivation of plants which grow indoors, the increased costs are necessary. With this light and heat from LED lamps you will reduce the costs.

You'll be surprised when you will be watching your plants as they grow so much, so quickly! These practical LED lamps are ideal for greenhousers who want to have benefit from the maximum growth of plants in their own home or garden. NASA lamp for growing of plants for sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop.  Look at our offer and find exactly what you look for.

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Mária respond

How many watts are there???

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Cool Mania

NASA lamp for plants

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
This bulb is 36 watts.

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