Mini safe box for money and valuables - Portable small travel safe box with voice alarm

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Mini safe box for money and valuables -  Travel portable small safe box with voice alarm​ with UpLock alarm is equipped with a theft detection system + sound alarm.

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Product description

Mini safe box for money and valuables -  Travel portable small safe box with voice alarm​ with UpLock alarm is equipped with a theft detection system + sound alarm. The mobile safe with alarm is the only portable safe on the market equipped with a theft detection system and an alarm that deters anyone who wants to grab your phone, keys, or wallet.

If someone tries to take the safe or open it (there is a gyroscope inside, which immediately detects that the safe has changed position), an intense sound alarm will be triggered immediately! You can hear this mini safe ring up to a distance of 90m (the length of a football field). For greater security, you can set an alarm delay of several seconds (after detecting a change in position). You will then have time to take the safe out of your bag and enter the code before it rings. You can comfortably enter the set code and open the safe box without any problems.

The portable safe box is the ideal travel companion

alarm box mobile safe for travel

Small but spacious

The portable safe box allows you to easily protect 2 smartphones, a wallet, keys, headphones and much more. The mobile safe will protect your wallet, phone, keys and everything else that matters to you. Efficiency and Simplicity - Store your personal belongings in the safe (phone, wallet, keys, jewelry, headphones, etc.) Close and lock with one click - It's so easy.

travel safe travel box with sound alarm

It works even without sound

In some places, such as hospitals or airports, we do not recommend using the security sound alarm. You can simply mute it. For outdoor activities, set the sensitivity to the maximum, whether you are camping, at a festival, in a tent, in a van, in a hotel or in a mountain hut, set the sensitivity of your safe to the maximum and use it to store your passport and keys or other valuables. If someone tries to take your valuables, they will wake you up immediately. UpLock is so small and lightweight that it will accompany you everywhere.

The foam inside will provide additional protection for your phone's display or glasses. No more scratches! The molded seal completes the water resistance of your portable safe. Practical, when you come back from the beach, just rinse it with water to remove sand and salt.

Upfiner mobile safe with alarm - mobile alarm


  • Alarm minimum 85 dB
  • Capacitive touch keyboard Works with 2 x 1,5V AA batteries with a one-year battery life
  • Outer cover made of white extremely hard ABS treated against UV radiation
  • Internal foam lining
  • Resistant to water and sand
  • Outer height: 51 mm
  • Outer width: 240 mm
  • Outer depth: 160 mm
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Internal height: 23-45 mm
  • Internal width: 117-232 mm
  • Internal depth: 120 mm
  • Internal volume: 1200 cm3

Package contents:

1x Mini portable safe
1x Anti-theft steel cable, used in cases where it is not possible to activate the alarm (hospital, airport, etc.)
1x Hand strap
2x AA batteries

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