Mini portable air conditioner - 4in1 (air conditioner/fan/dehumidifier/lamp) noise only 50 dB + remote control

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Mini portable air conditioner - 4 in 1 (air conditioner/fan/dehumidifier/lamp) noise only 50 dB + remote control. Best portable ac unit - small mini split system.

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Product description

Mini portable air conditioner - 4 in 1 (air conditioner/fan/dehumidifier/lamp) noise only 50 dB + remote control. Best portable ac unit - small mini split system. A small portable air conditioner for an apartment, house, tent, simply everywhere. Portable air conditioning is an ideal solution for efficient and comfortable temperature control in various environments. Its compact and portable design allows users to enjoy pleasant climate conditions regardless of where they are.

With advanced cooling and air regulation technologies, it provides reliable performance, whether in the interior of the home, office, or even outdoors. Portable air conditioning offers flexibility and mobility, allowing users to have their personal climate environment available anytime, anywhere.

Portable mini air conditioner - dimensions only 35x24x25cm

Portable mini air conditioner - dimensions only 35x24x25cm

Intuitive control

Intuitive control of the portable air conditioner increases user comfort through modern technological elements. The control panel is equipped with touch buttons that allow simple and precise adjustment of climate parameters according to personal preferences. In addition, a remote control is also available, with which you can easily control the air conditioner from the comfort of your seat. With this combination of intuitive control and convenient remote control, the portable air conditioner provides maximum flexibility and simplicity in handling the ambient temperature

air conditioning for the apartment of the house portable mini air conditioner with remote control

It represents a universal and customizable choice

Portable air conditioning is a universal and adaptable choice for all kinds of environments, offering the flexibility of use in many places. With suitability for a variety of environments, from homes to cars, boats and tents, it becomes the ideal companion for all-round use. Its portable design and easy portability ensure that it is able to adapt to different situations and environments, improving the user's overall comfort and quality of life in a wide variety of situations.

Portable air conditioner for an apartment without an outlet (also for camping)

portable air conditioner for the apartment without an outlet

Four built-in functions

The portable air conditioner stands out with its 4 built-in functions that effectively contribute to an optimal climate environment. The first of them is the cooling function, which enables a quick and effective reduction of the temperature in the room or environment. The dehumidification mode effectively controls air humidity, thus contributing to a healthy environment. Air circulation (fan) is another important feature that helps distribute cool air evenly throughout the room, ensuring consistent comfort. A special sleep mode optimizes the air conditioning settings for maximum comfort during a night's rest.

air conditioner for the apartment of the house without an outlet mini portable air conditioner

Unique design

In addition to its excellent functionality, the portable air conditioner will also attract attention with its unique retro-style design. It combines modern technology with a nostalgic look, which gives the room a unique and stylish touch. Its light and compact design allows easy portability, making it an ideal companion for those who are looking for an efficient air conditioner in a selected retro style. With this combination of elegance and portability, users can enjoy a comfortable environment wherever they are, while adding a touch of style to their surroundings.

outdoor portable mini air conditioner small ac unit


  • Cooling capacity: 1800BTU/H
  • Air circulation volume: 85m 3 /h
  • Power adapter input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 5A
  • Power adapter output: 25.2V 11A 200W
  • Noise: 50 dB(A)
  • Refrigerant/charge: R134a/65g
  • Product dimensions: 350x242x245mm
  • Product weight: 5,2 kg

Package contents:

1x Portable air conditioner
1x Adapter
4x Basic holders
4x Screws
1x Expandable (accordion outlet) for air
1x Remote control
1x Instructions for use

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