Mini megaphone - small bluetooth megaphone 30W with 600m range - support USB / SD card + Recording

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Mini megaphone - small bluetooth megaphone 30W with up to 600m range - support USB / SD card + Recording​. Best handheld sound amplifier for sale online.

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Product description

Mini megaphone - small bluetooth megaphone 30W with up to 600m range - support USB / SD card + Recording​. Best handheld sound amplifier for sale online.  Ideal tool for coordinating large groups of people. Whether it's demonstrations, sporting events, or any other large gathering, this megaphone will ensure that your voice is heard clearly and distinctly.

With its help, you can easily communicate with a large number of people without making much effort. The megaphone also has modern technologies such as USB, SD cards and Bluetooth, which expands its functionality and enables multiple ways of use. These features make it a very versatile device.

Megaphones - sound amplifiers with bluetooth (connection to your mobile phone)

Mini small megaphone voice amplification 30W

USB and SD cards

A megaphone is an invaluable helper in situations where it is necessary to overcome the noise of a large group or when overcoming a distance. Whether it is an evacuation, summoning of participants, or other large events, this megaphone will guarantee that your voice will be heard. Its use reduces the risk of misunderstandings and increases the effectiveness of communication in any noisy or large-scale environments. USB and SD cards allow easy playback of recordings or pre-recorded announcements, or even with the siren function, which increases the flexibility of using the megaphone. This function is ideal for situations where you need to communicate the same information repeatedly or at regular intervals - for example, safety instructions at public events, advertising announcements in shopping centers, or instructions at sporting events.

megaphone with USB and TFT support

Acceptable range up to 600 meters and Bluetooth connection

The powerful megaphone is designed with maximum comfort and accessibility. Its impressive range of 600 meters is supported by a powerful 30W amplifier, which means you can communicate effectively even over long distances. Whether you need to quickly get the attention of a large group or just speak to a crowd, this megaphone is the perfect solution.

Bluetooth connectivity adds another layer of versatility. It enables wireless communication, which means you can control the megaphone from your smartphone or other Bluetooth device. This is especially useful in situations where you need to be mobile and interact with the crowd at the same time, such as tour guides or trainers at sports event.

mini small megaphone with bluetooth

Easy control without restriction of movement

The megaphone is equipped with several functional elements to increase its usability. In addition to talking, it also offers the option of recording, and there is also a siren function to immediately attract attention. The practical handle with a lanyard increases flexibility and user-friendliness, allows easy control of the megaphone without restricting movement. This megaphone is therefore an excellent choice for various situations where clear and effective communication is required. The technological features ensure that the megaphone is not only a powerful tool for voice communication, but also a multifunctional device that can be used in a wide variety of situations and environments, providing the benefits of the digital age.

megaphone with bluetooth


  • Functions: Call/Siren/ USB/ SD card /RECORD/ Bluetooth
  • Battery: 1800 mAh lithium battery
  • Recording time: 350 seconds
  • Range: up to 600 meters
  • Material: ABS
  • Power source: DC3V7
  • Power: 30 W

Package contents:

1x Megaphone 30W with a range of 600m
1x 1800 mAh battery
1x Charging cable
1x Manual

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