Meat thermometer - wireless bluetooth meat grilling thermometer (iOS/Android app) up to 30m

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Meat thermometer - wireless bluetooth meat grilling thermometer (iOS/Android app) up to 30m. Smart needle thermometer (probe) for mobile (Smartphone).

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Product description

Meat thermometer - wireless bluetooth meat grilling thermometer (iOS/Android app) up to 30m. Smart needle thermometer (probe) with mobile app (Smartphone). Basic parameters of the wireless barbecue probe: signal transmission distance of 30 meters. Dual probe design, for ambient temperature + baking temperature, temperature detection range -20 degrees ~ 100 degrees, accuracy ± 1ºC. Built-in probe battery 5 mAh, the probe can be used for approximately 24 hours on one charge. The charging case of the probe is powered by AAA 1,5V 1x batteries and the probe can be charged approximately 100 times.

The intelligent wireless meat grill thermometer is a top tool for every passionate grill master. With modern technologies, it enables precise monitoring of the temperature of the meat on the grill. Its wireless function provides freedom of movement, while intelligent measurement ensures optimal grilling, guaranteeing that every portion will be perfectly prepared.

This thermometer not only gives you the confidence that you will achieve the desired result, but also comfort and ease of use. With an intuitive design and the ability to connect to a mobile app, the smart wireless grill thermometer allows you to monitor and control the grilling process from the comfort of your smartphone, bringing a new dimension of precision and control to your grilling routine.

Wireless meat thermometer - mobile phone application

Wireless meat thermometer - mobile phone application

Smart multifunctional application

An intelligent multifunctional application, designed to work with a wireless grill thermometer, is an essential companion for every grill enthusiast. With its customizable cooking settings, you can adjust the temperatures to your preferences, while the estimated cooking time gives you an accurate idea of ​​when your food will be ready. The application also provides temperature alerts, ensuring that no moment is overlooked. With the function of exporting the temperature to a graph, you get clear statistics that will help you improve your grilling skills and always achieve a perfect result.

grill thermometer mobile application

Suitable for any environment

It doesn't matter in what environment you will use it, because this exceptional wireless grill thermometer is suitable for any environment. Its versatility stands out not only when grilling, but also when used in a smokehouse where it can accurately monitor the temperature and ensure optimal conditions for your food. The advantage is also its use in the oven, on the pan or in the hot air fryer, which allows you to cook perfectly inside. No matter where you are, this thermometer will give you accurate measurements and allow you to achieve results that suit your taste preferences.

meat thermometer, grilling probe for smartphone app

Made of durable materials

This wireless grill thermometer is crafted from durable materials that ensure long-lasting reliability and performance. Its ceramic handle adds an impression of luxury and at the same time provides a comfortable grip when handling the thermometer. The stainless steel used in the construction ensures high resistance to corrosion and allows easy cleaning, thus ensuring the long-term quality and aesthetic appearance of this excellent grilling tool.

Simple maintenance

Easy maintenance of this grill thermometer is the key to a carefree grilling experience. Its waterproof design allows easy washing under warm water. With a battery life of up to 24 hours and the included charging case, which can charge the thermometer approximately 100 times (using AAA batteries), you always have enough energy for grilling. With this practical thermometer, you can always trust easy maintenance and long-term reliability.


Thermometer specifications:

  • Model: KR100-A
  • Signal range: 30m - connection via bluetooth
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Battery capacity: 5mAh
  • Working temperature: -20~100°C
  • Ambient temperature: 0-300°C
  • Battery life: 24h
  • Water resistance: IP 67
  • Dimensions: Ceramic handle diameter 13,2mm. The diameter of the probe is 5,5 mm. Total length 152mm
  • Weight: 20g

Charging Case Specifications:

  • Battery size: 1,5V AAA
  • Number of charging cycles: more than 100 cycles
  • Case dimensions: 178x34x23mm
  • Case weight: 77,5g (without battery)

Package contents:

1x Intelligent wireless grill thermometer
1x Charging case
1x Manual

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