Logo projector LED Gobo 80W with projection of own logo in HD resolution up to 200M

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Powerful rotary LED super HD Logo 80W projector with remote control is a master of outdoor advertising at a distance up to 200m.

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Product description

Powerful logo projector LED Gobo 80W with projection of own logo in HD resolution with remote control is a great advertising tool for displaying company logo, text or image outdoors for a distance up to 200m. Do you need to make your brand visible, to get attention when presenting a new product or special event? The LED Logo projector from Warton company is the ideal solution you are looking for. It is a great advertising banner with a projection from a distance of 70 up to 200 meters thanks to a high-performance LED chip OSRAM. The projector also comes with a useful remote control, that allows you to remotely turn on/off/rotate/stop the projector. Of course, we can also produce your own logo for you (one or more colors) for use in our GOBO projector.

Gobo projector (Logo projector) suitable for outdoor use

rotating hd logo projector


The beam angle is adjustable in various angles of your choice 10°/13,5°/30°/45° and the display size of the advertising content is from 125 up to 1250 cm. The combination of LED technology and low power consumption guarantees a very economical light source compared to the commonly available competition.

logo projector 200m


The projector is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. During the internal presentation, the displayed content also excels in daylight or artificial lighting with projection on walls, floor and so on. For outdoor presentations, it is ideal to use from dusk to dawn or in low visibility. It can be projected on external walls or space (square, street, sidewalks, parkings, stadiums, playgrounds, entrance gates, driveways). The LED projector can also be used to illuminate various objects and subjects. In the exterior, it can be used to illuminate historical buildings, monuments, statues and memorials. In the interior, it can be used in galleries, museums for effective lighting of exhibited works.

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PLUS LED Logo projector
plus OSRAM LED chip
PLUS Projection distance 1-200m.
plus Beam angle 10°/13,5°/30°/45°
plus Water resistance IP65
plus Remote control



LED chip: 1x80W (OSRAM)
Beam angle: 10°/13,5°/30°/45°
Input voltage: 85 ~ 265V
Projection distance: 70 to max 200M
Projection screen size: 125 to 1250 cm
Working temperature from 70° to - 40° C
Water resistance: IP65
Projector dimensions: (Length) 270 mm x (Width) 171 x (Height) 152 mm
Projector weight: 2,715 g

Package contents:

1x LED Logo projector
1x Remote control
1x Manual

We also recommend ordering the custom production of your logo for use in a Gobo projector.

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Logo projector LED Gobo 80W with projection of own logo in HD resolution up to 200M

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