Laser digital distance meter with Bluetooth and IP65

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Laser digital distance meter with Bluetooth and IP65 is a portable hand meter with integrated measuring wheel and large digital LED display.

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Product description

Laser digital distance meter with Bluetooth and IP65 is a portable hand meter with integrated measuring wheel and large digital LED display. Thanks to its robust housing and compact design, the measuring device offers perfect resistance to waterproofness or falls and potential disintegration. The meter has a large color digital 2,4" LCD display with excellent readability of the measured data and automatic rotation according to the position of the device. Innovative device offers a combination of laser measurement technology and distance measuring wheel, for non problem measurement from a flat surface to a curved surface, and offers up to 11 functions to meet different measurement needs. The laser meter is used for high-precision distance measurement or counting of area  quickly and conveniently. Measuring distance reaches up to 60 meters and switching between measuring units - feet, inches, meters during measurement.


digital laser meter

The laser meter has a Bluetooth connection, so you can send measurements via the "Mileseey Pro" app to your phone and then make notes to the measured data. The device is powered by rechargeable batteries (3x AAA), which are conveniently recharged with the Micro USB port behind the rubber cover, which is dustproof and IP65 waterproof, what extends the life of the device. The digital laser meter is a practical accessory to any home, workshop to measure different distances, but also finds its use in the construction, inspection, project visualization and the like.


Measuring wheel

With this wheel you can measure distance by moving the wheel on the surface from the start point to the end, regardless of whether the surface is curved, round or uneven.

laser meter with measuring wheel


laser meter

Line laser

The built-in red laser line is projected onto the surface to help you identify the real-time angle for further placement and marking.


From point to point

The laser meter can measure the indirect distance between any selected points. It can capture more accurate measurements from one location, such as on the street you can easily get the length, width or height of the building or windows, while you will be standing at one place.

digital laser meters


laser meter with bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity - mobile app

Use the camera on your "Mileseey Pro" mobile phone to take a picture of the measurement and receive the measurement data via Bluetooth from the laser meter to mark your measurements in the app. You can add different notes to the measurements and share them with your friends via email, WhatsApp, Skype and others.



Voice data

Measured data can be read by human voice to hear your measurement results when you are currently unable to view the laser meter display.


portable laser meter



plus Laser meter 60m
plus High measuring accuracy + -2mm
plus Rechargeable batteries
plus Measuring wheel
plus Meets IP65 standart
plus Bluetooth mobile connection via app
plus Quality and durable design
plus 2,4" LED color display



Model: R2B
Laser: Class 2
Laser distance measurement: 60 meters
Measuring accuracy: + -2 mm
Working temperature: 0° C - 40° C
Batteries: 3x AAA rechargeable
Digital 2,4" LCD display: color display
Dimensions: 25 mm (height) x 55 mm (width) x 135 mm (length)
Weight: 330 g


Package includes:

1x Laser meter
1x Micro USB cable
3x AAA battery
1x Portable case
1x Strap
1x User manual

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