Cat Ball - Cheerble + Smart Automatic (3 activity levels)

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Cat Ball - Cheerble + Smart Automatic (3 activity levels) - an automatically rolling ball as an ideal game for cats.

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Product description

Cat Ball - Cheerble + Smart Automatic (3 activity levels) - an automatically rolling ball as an ideal game for cats. A naughty intelligent ball with three levels of activity ensures that your pet will never be sad and alone. We all know our pets when we are with them, that is the best time for them. Unfortunately, most of us have to go to work, school or have other duties, and while we are away, our hairy family member is getting bored. Such boredom can result in many inconveniences - torn shoes, damaged furniture or sofa, and in worst case the result is animal depression.

Rolling ball for cats - (the surface is made of artificial wool, scratch-resistant) with battery

ball for cat wicked cheerble

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a toy for an animal is no longer just a bone, a ball, or a tennis ball. The new smart ball is exactly the kind of toy that will keep your pet entertained for hours, even when you're not there. The playful ball has a special motor inside, which gives the opportunity to move freely and thus turns into a cheerful partner of your pet.

automatic toy for cat - cheerble ball

If your pet will push or touch the ball, the small ball will run all over the area and the crazy chase can begin. If the ball comes across an obstacle, it changes its direction, so therefore it will not stuck anywhere or stop moving. Smart ball can be set to three levels of activity. GREEN - the ball only gently rolls on the floor and encourages your pet to action. BLUE level - increases ball activity to normal level, intelligent toy is a bit more active and encourages your hairy friend to more activity. PURPLE means total madness - switch the ball in this position and it will start to jump (depending on the product) and run fast, and your pet will really get sweaty. Levels can be controlled by pressing the button on the ball.

ball for cat cheerble

Once your four-legged pet gets tired, the ball will go to sleep mode and remain inactive until it touches it again. Give the long-lasting active entertainment to your cat, for which you will be rewarded with a peaceful sleep and a smile on that sweet face.



plus interactive toy for pets
plus adjustable activity level
plus scratch resistant
plus high ball resistance


Technical specifications:

Model: Cheerble Ball M1
Weight: 60 g (including motor)
Dimensions: 42mm - diameter of the ball
Battery: Li-Polymer 3,7V 100mAh
Working temperature: 0 to 40° C
Color: red
Ball surface material: artificial wool


Package contents:

1x Cheerble ball
1x USB charging cable
1x Pendant - bell
1x Manual

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