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Card wallet with GPS locator and pen - Keysmart + protection against credit card misuse in a minimalist and modern look.

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Product description

Card wallet with GPS locator and pen - Keysmart + protection against credit card misuse in a minimalist and modern look is the ideal practical accessory for traveling. The wallet is made of durable leather "TecTuff", which is resistant to abrasion, smudges, stains and water, which lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional leather wallets, while being flexible and easy to wear. A sophisticated design offers plenty of storage space, secure and organized access for your passport, cards, travel tickets respectively flight tickets, money and more, while retains its slim design. Wallet is unique by feature of localizing your location via the free downloadable mobile application "Tile" ( iOS, Android ), through which you can quickly and conveniently find the location of your wallet in case of loss. You will love this smart passport wallet so much that you can no longer imagine traveling without it.

smart passport wallet passport wallet with gps


Smart passport wallet definitely belongs to the best travel accessories


passport purse keysmart


Localization of smart wallet

Using the "Tile" app (iOS, Android) on your mobile phone, you can locate your wallet's location on the map, and you also have the option to activate the ringing of wallet to find it faster.
So you can be sure that in case of loss or stealing your wallet, you can find your papers and documents and money in a relatively short time.
wallet with gps locator

360° Electronic anti-theft blocking

Nowadays, your finance can be electronically robbed by hackers by reading your credit cards or stealing your identity by reading your identity card with a chip.
However, Smart wallet comes with revolutionary 360° blocking technology through a discreetly sewn-in shielding fabric, that blocks the frequency across the wallet to keep your cards safe.

wallet with anti-theft blocking



PLUS Elegant and slim design
PLUS High quality leather
PLUS Wallet locator
PLUS 360° anti-theft lock
PLUS Mini useful writing pen
PLUS Space for up to 14 credit cards

Package contents:

1x Wallet with GPS locator - Keysmart

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Viktor Farda respond

Can Czech banknotes fit in the wallet?

Translated from: cs
Cool Mania

Card wallet with GPS locator and pen - Keysmart

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
Yes, Czech banknotes can also fit in the wallet.

Translated from: cs


Dorel respond

Hello... is there a battery in the wallet? how long does it last?

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Card wallet with GPS locator and pen - Keysmart

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
A token is inserted into the wallet, which can be used to locate the wallet. It is not necessary to recharge it in any way :)

Translated from: sk
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