Birdie alarm mini - personal portable with a volume of up to 100db

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Birdie alarm mini - personal portable with a volume of up to 100db as a pendant - pocket alarm as a baby duck (bird) shape.

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Product description

Birdie alarm mini - personal portable with a volume of up to 100db as a pendant - pocket alarm as a baby duck (bird) shape for your protection. Equipped with (3x LR44 batteries) - immediate audible alarm in case of danger! It is a very useful device that can protect the most vulnerable groups of the population. We each have our loved ones that we are afraid of. The world is a beautiful but dangerous place, and not all of us have the determination or strength to defend ourselves against a potential threat.

There are a number of protective equipment on the market - pepper or tear sprays, which are effective but carry certain risks. A mini pocket alarm with a volume of up to 100db is a great means of protection - if necessary, if you activate the alarm - it will emit a loud beep.

An unobtrusive personal alarm that looks like a classic keychain, or pendant onto purse, handbag or backpack

Birdie alarm - Mini personal smart alarm

If you are in danger, you feel that someone is chasing you or you are in danger, the loud sound will scare a potential threat and attract the attention of people around you - who may be able to provide the help you need. It is also an excellent tool for seniors who live alone in case of need (in case of an injury or other accident) they can use an alarm to alert their neighbors and call for the necessary help. It can also be used for hiking or extreme sports, where in the event of an accident you also need to call for help or specify your location.

Pocket mini alarm - immediate audible alarm in case of danger + LED warning light

birdie pocket mini alarm with LED light

The mini alarm is small, compact and absolutely inconspicuous. The alarm has an animal motif - a bird, as a classic fashion accessory in the form of a key ring ,or pendant onto backpack or handbag. It is powered by 3x LR44 batteries, which are built directly into the alarm.. You activate the alarm simply, in case of danger, pull out the fuse - a metal rod inserted into the plastic alarm, a loud beep will sound and at the same time the red light will light up from the eye on the alarm and also will flash as a warning signal. To turn off the alarm, insert the metal rod back into the alarm body.


Technical specifications:

Power supply: battery LR44 x3pcs (included)
Sound level: 100 dB Loud alarm sound for up to 40 minutes continuously with LED light
Battery life: 1 year.
Product size: 45x56x25mm
Alarm material: ABS
Net weight: 32g

Package contents:

1x alarm
1x manual

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