Alarm clock + wireless charger 10W + battery 2200 mAh with USB A and USB C output 5V

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Alarm clock + wireless charger 10W + battery 2200 mAh with USB A and USB C output 5V represents a perfect combination of comfort and functionality.

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Product description

Alarm clock + wireless charger 10W + battery 2200 mAh with USB A and USB C output 5V represents a perfect combination of comfort and functionality, combining the advantages of an alarm clock and a charging device. It allows users to start the day worry-free with a fully charged device thanks to overnight wireless charging. With this unique combination, you can save space on the bedside table or desk, as one compact product replaces the need for two separate devices. In addition, the dual functionality ensures that your device will always be ready for use, while you will not be late for any important meetings or events.

Wireless charger with alarm clock

Up to 4 days without charging

The battery life of the alarm clock of this device is exceptional, since with a capacity of 2200 mAh it can last up to 4 days without the need to be connected to the mains. This feature provides users with extraordinary independence and reliability, allowing the device to remain active even in the event of a power outage, or when used in places without access to electricity. This enables continuous alarm and charging functionality, ensuring that your devices stay charged and you're awake on time for all your plans, no matter what the circumstances.

Alarm clock with wireless charger

Excellent features

The wireless charger with alarm offers a wide range of functions designed for maximum convenience and efficiency. With the option to set 2 alarms, it allows users to flexibly schedule different notifications for different needs, whether it's waking up in the morning or reminding of an important meeting. The combination of wireless and wired charging provides versatility in charging a variety of devices, while the integrated AC outlet extends its use to charging or powering larger electrical devices. Complemented by a date display on the clock, this product does not forget the need to keep track of the current date, thus emphasizing its multifunctionality and practicality in everyday life.

Alarm clock with wireless USB charger

LED display and practical control

The LED display of this product adds to its overall appeal and functionality, providing a clear and easy-to-read visual output for all important information. Whether it's displaying the time, date, or charging status, the high-quality LED panel ensures that all data is clear and understandable at a glance. Practical control of this product is another excellent feature, which allows users to intuitively and comfortably handle all functions. The rotary wheel together with the buttons on the side of the device provides an efficient and accurate way to set alarms, change charging modes, or adjust any other settings.

digital alarm clock and wireless charger


  • AC input: 100V-240V 60Hz/50Hz
  • AC output: 100V-240V 60Hz/50Hz 2000W output (same socket/connector as most household appliances)
  • 3 USB outputs: 1 USB QC3.0, 1 USB 5V 1A and 1 Type-C
  • Wireless output: 10W
  • Battery life of the alarm clock: lasts up to 4 days without connecting to the mains, 2200mAh
  • Features: Alarm clock, wireless and wired charging, AC outlet, date display on the clock
  • Dimensions: 190*86*85mm
  • Weight: 750g


Package contents:

1x Wireless charger with alarm with a capacity of 2200 mAh
1x USB cable
1x Manual

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