Powerful Ionizer with LCD + air purifier with 99,7% sterilization + pollution detection

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Powerful Ionizer with LCD + air purifier with 99,7% sterilization + pollution detection - ideal for cleaning the air in the home.

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Product description

Powerful Ionizer with LCD + air purifier with 99,7% sterilization + pollution detection - ideal for cleaning the air in the home. The ionizer guarantees clean air in the environment you are in, whether it is in your household, work, vacation. Today's phenomenon is air and environment pollution. Due to the expansion of industries and economic progress, the air quality around us has changed beyond recognition. In our e-shop you can buy the best ionizers and air cleaners we have in stock online. Provide clean air for you and your surroundings. Air purifier for allergy sufferers, children, adults simply for everyone.

The ionizer is controlled via a design module on the top of it. It is possible to set a timer, fan performance, automatic mode and much more. A quality air ionizer is here to protect you, whether as an air purifier in the home, apartment or car. You can easily power it via USB directly to the electric source or with a built-in battery. Quality USB cleaner and ionizer not only for your car.

Intelligent ionizer with many functions, settings and HEPA filter

ionizer cleaner features and functions

The multi-function air purifier cleans the air thanks to ionization and filtration, so it is a two-stage air purification that guarantees only the best results. Its great advantage is the number of functions, as well as the minimum noise during its operation from about 20 to 50 dB. It can effectively remove and filter bacteria, mites, cigarette smoke, fumes and harmful particles in PM 2.5 air.

You can easily use the air purifier as a freshener anywhere and anytime

air freshener

A significant difference is the visual representation of the air pollution around you. The device detects molecules around you and evaluates the amount of pollutants in your area. Then it uses this information, for example in an automatic mode, in which it evaluates the situation and starts filtration and purification as needed.

Automatic detection of air pollution on the display - also helps in the automatic mode of the cleaner

air pollution indication

Sterilization - double 360° air purification in space through 3-layer filtration system

car humidifier with ionizer filter

clean air Air purification and antibacterial function

The pollutants are neutralized by anions which purify the air in the room. Anions are equally good for removing harmful substances, various odors as well as unhealthy bacteria or viruses.
cell activation Activating cells and increasing organism resistance

Anion-rich blood ensures the most active movement of cells in the body. In other words, in areas that are full of anions, the cells are more active, what promotes the growth and circulation of blood in the body
blood purification Blood purification

The blood in our body is weakly alkaline, but due to the too polluted air, the number of cations in the blood increases, what increases the acidity of the blood. Anions restore the acidity of the organism to its original values benefical to health.
alleviation of allergic symptoms

It reduces the risk of allergies and strengthens lung function

Respiratory allergies are caused by a substance called Anerugen. Anions reduce the chance of getting an allergy by removing Anerugen from the air. The air remains clean, increasing your body's resistance to lung problems..

Capture and elimination of bacteria, viruses, mites and harmful PM2.5 particles
Air purifier with humidifier with aroma for allergy sufferers, children, simply for everyone

home air ionizer



Technical specifications:

Type: HEPA filter 13
Function: Sterilization
Anion density: 3 000 000 pcs/m3
Type: HEPA filter and negative ionic air purifier
Power (W): 24
Input voltage (V): USB 5V
Noise: <50 dB
Effective space: 12-25 m2
HEPA filter: HEPA 13
Dimensions: 216 x 210 x 320 mm
Weight: 2 kg


Package contents:

1x Ionizer + air purifier
1x USB cable
1x Ampoule with aroma
1x Manual

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