Dual car camera with remote monitoring GPS + Live Cam - PROFIO X2 + SIM/Micro SD Lock

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Dual car camera with remote monitoring GPS + Live Cam - PROFIO X2 + SIM/Micro SD Lock​ is absolutely unique dash camera for fleet management.

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Product description

Dual car camera with remote monitoring GPS + Live Cam - PROFIO X2 + SIM/Micro SD Lock​ is absolutely unique dash camera for fleet management. The latest camera PROFIO Tracking Cam X2 offers features like GPS tracker and live GPS online vehicle tracking via app on your phone or PC, as well as live camera view in real time. This is a dual camera (front and interior) that allows recording from both cameras, where the front camera has FULL HD 1920x1080px resolution at 30 fps (with H.264 compression) with an angle of 140° and support for creating of 3G WiFi Hotspot via inserted 3G SIM card.

Images are stored on a supported micro SD card up to 64GB. The camera body is made of high quality materials making it resistant to high temperatures or extreme cold. It offers the option to lock (with lock and keys) the inserted SIM as well as a Micro SD card against unauthorized editing of the records. A very interesting feature is the possibility of remote engine-off (using a relay) if the vehicle is stolen. The camera, if necessary (SOS, power cut-off, car battery failure), also works with the included external cable battery with a 450 mAh capacity.

Dual camera - GPS tracking device into the car with WiFi and 3G SIM support for the ultimate overview and driving experience.

car camera live gps

In an emergency, you can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to activate the SOS alarm. Then the camera sends SOS sms to the preset telephone numbers and starts the redialing cycle of preset numbers until answering the call. Vibration alarm: the device switches to vibration alarm mode after 5 minutes from stopping the vehicle engine. If any vibration is detected in a parked vehicle, application APP CarMatrix alerts you by notification. Driver behavior analysis: the built-in 9-axis G-sensor allows the camera to perform the driver behavior analysis better. In the event of driver inappropriate behavior such as rapid acceleration, strong braking, or high engine speed, the camera will notify you via the application for that fact, and in the mean time it will save the driving record to the SD card as well as to the Cloud server. Profio Tracking CAM X2 is an ideal and sophisticated way how to increase the safety of your car by constant monitoring, or it is a comprehensive solution for companies to monitor their fleet movement.

PROFIO X2 car camera with functions for vehicle protection and remote monitoring in real time.

car camera gps remote monitoring

After inserting the SIM card into your camcorder, it will create a 3G WiFi access point (you need to have activated data services on the SIM card) and you can enjoy surfing the internet anytime and anywhere. You can watch live video footage from the camera via a freely available mobile application (Android/iOS support) called "Car Matrix" or via a PC platform. With this app it is also possible to track online GPS position of the vehicle on the map. The cabling set is designed for direct connection to the 12/24V fuse box, allowing the car camera to be powered permanently. An advantage is a dual lens that provide the records of either the front or rear (interior) camera including sound (you can also turn off the sound recording). The interior camera has an IR night vision that can illuminate the entire space of the vehicle at night.

profio car camera x2

You can connect to a vehicle via a mobile phone application, PC platform or tablet. 
The map displays its current location with time, speed, and GPS coordinates. The application also supports real-time live preview.

car camera with gps live tracking profio x2

Enjoy the free GPS tracking service directly via the www.tracksolid.com web interface

There is no need to install any software. Everything is available through the internet from a web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The basic function is tracking a motor vehicle, whether a car or a truck. If the vehicle is online, you will see its current location on the map and you can continue to track its route. If it's offline, its last known location will be displayed. Each vehicle has its own unique ID number after registration, and with using this ID you can find the driving records in your driving history. After you launch the archived ride, you can see the movement on the map. In detailed schedule, you can see at what time and at what address the exact vehicle was at that moment. Individual stops of the vehicle are marked with a red flag on the map and contain information how long the vehicle has been parked at that place. You can export a file in excel format from the ride, in which you can find the exact time and location of the vehicle.

The GEO FENCE feature allows you to send an email notification when leaving the marked space (if the vehicle driver accidentally leaves the planned route)

live monitoring camera in car profio x2
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Remote control

This unique car camera allows you to remotely control the camera playback, and also the ability to make a photo or video remotely directly from the camera. The engine-off feature makes it a great tool as a theft protection. A vibration alarm alerts you to unwanted shocks (intrusion into a car, impact or crash).

app for monitoring the car camera



When the engine is started, the WiFi Hotspot will be automatically turned on. The hotspot name is "IMEI", while the password is the last eight digits of the IMEI. All you have to do is open the Car-Matrix app, connect to the appropriate WiFi, and then easily play your recordings or edit settings.
camera in car with gps hotspot app

3G high-speed data transfer

Just insert a 3G SIM card and you can easily connect to the internet. The camera Profio Tracking Cam X2 supports 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA data transfer. So you can connect to high-speed internet almost anywhere.

3G high speed data transfer camera into car

Anti-theft vibration alarm

When ACC is ON, the alarm and indicators stop immediately. The device switches to vehicle protection mode after 5 minutes from stopping the vehicle engine. If the sensors in the camera capture the vibration in the vehicle, the alarm is turned ON and alerts you through the application in the Smartphone within 10 seconds.

vibration alarm car camera profio x2

Fuel/power cut-off

When the phone receives an intruder alarm via a notification, it is possible to send an engine shutdown command. It is only possible to do it for safety reasons, and only in case the device has the identified GPS position and the vehicle speed is less than 20 km/h.

fuel shutdown camera profio x2

Live real time tracking

Watch images from your car camera anytime and anywhere using mobile application CarMatrix right in your Smartphone.

profio camera live tracking in real time

Built-in G-sensor

In the event of an emergency braking, at the collision or impact, the G-sensor evaluates the situation as a serious and starts recording automatically. It then locks the video file during the accident. This video can serve as an evidence in case of the accident.

built-in G-sensor camera profio x2

SOS emergency call

In an emergency, you can press the SOS button for 3 seconds to activate the SOS alarm. Then the camera sends SOS sms to the preset telephone numbers and starts the redialing cycle of preset numbers until answering the call.

emergency call SOS car camera profio X2

Vehicle fleet management

If you own a fleet of vehicles in your company, you can track them at the same time under one account. With our Car-Matrix platform, you can track up to 10,000 vehicles at the same time. It's convenient for you to watch your fleet all the time.

fleet management camera camera profio


6-layer all-glass lens

Made of the high temperature resistant materials, the lenses withstand various driving conditions. The six-layer glass lenses ensure a high resolution of the shots with an excellent balance of colors for day and night driving.

6 layer all-glass lens of car camera

FULL HD 1080 video quality

The Profio Tracking Cam X2 delivers perfect image capabilities. The shots will be captured with great clarity. Everything captured by this camcorder will be transferred to smooth and amazing videos. The time has come to enjoy sharp and beautiful shots.

FULL HD video quality camera X2 Profio

Recording in loop

The videos will be stored on the micro SD card every 3 minutes. Images are usually saved in the DVRMEDIA/CarRecorder/GENERAL folder (main camera). If the SD card is full, older records will be overwritten automatically.

recording in the loop profio x2 camera

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) support

This camcorder supports the WDR function. WDR is the cutting-edge technology applied into the camcorder, regardless of whether the environment is too bright or the dark. The image of the camera is always clear and bright.

WDR support feature camera in Profio car

Full 3 lanes coverage

In order to reduce the blind spots, the camera Profio tracking cam X2 uses a 140° wide-angle glass lens, that conveniently captures 3 lanes on the roads. The camera is highly sensitive and allows accurate and detailed image recording.

3 lanes coverage on the roads profio x2 camera

Comparison of individual models of PROFIO Cloud camera systems

profio cameras

comparison profio x1 x2 x4 x5 cloud camera to vehicles


Model: PROFIO Tracking Cam X2
Processor: ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core 1.3GHz
Operating system: Android 4.4
Flash memory: eMMC Flash 8GB
RAM memory: DDR3L 1GB Frequency 533MHz
GPS: GSM & WCDMA, GSM 1800/1900, HSPA + (21Mbps) EDGE GPRS
Video resolution front camera: Full HD 1080p with 30fps, H.264 encoding, adjustable shooting angle FOV (D) 140°
Video resolution interior camera: 640*480px
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz frequency, hotspot
Remote tracking: PC & App - PC Software: www.tracksolid.com , APP on mobile: Tracksolid
Live tracking: Both dual cameras via APP
G-Sensor: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Built-in speakers: Yes
Micro SD support: up to 64GB
USB data interface: Micro USB 5 Pin
External battery: 450mAh
Power supply: 12V - 24V
Operating temperature -20° C ~ 65° C, (-4° F ~ 149° F)
Camera dimensions: 109 (L) * 69 (W) * 52 (H) mm
Camera weight: 225 g


Package contains:

1x PROFIO Tracking Cam X2
1x Cabling for direct connection to fuse box 12V/24V - (Length 2 meters)
1x Holder
1x 3M high adhesive sticker
1x External battery 450 mAh
1x Relay with cable
1x Cable with SOS button
1x The lock and keys for SIM/Micro SD locking
1x Manual

profio tracking cam x2 pack content

profio electronics Camera Tracking Cam X2 is a superior product of the new PROFIO ELECTRONICS brand, which closely specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative cameras that bring a new dimension into their everyday use.

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Decampo spol.

100% fulfills its function

Great camera and really very easy online monitoring
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Ing. Peter Porubský

An excellent solution for fleet monitoring

A truly professional and reliable solution for fleet monitoring. We have several vehicles in the company and we needed online tracking via GPS as well as control via cameras.
This camera is unique in its class, and the functions it offers, such as remote engine shutdown, may come in handy in the future even if the vehicle is stolen.
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