4 channel dash cam DVR system (up to 2TB HDD) + GPS/WIFI/4G SIM + real time monitoring - PROFIO X7

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4 channel dash cam DVR system (up to 2TB HDD) + GPS/WIFI/4G SIM​ support + live streaming from cameras and GPS position in real time - PROFIO X7.

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Product description

4 channel dash cam DVR system (up to 2TB HDD) + GPS/WIFI/4G SIM​ support + live streaming from cameras and GPS position in real time - PROFIO X7 from PROFIO ELECTRONICS. A complete monitoring system for a car or van, truck, or agricultural machinery, etc. because GPS tracking device with WIFI and 4G SIM support for a perfect overview of driving in real time. Car camera with remote GPS monitoring - offers functions such as GPS Tracker and live GPS online vehicle tracking via phone app (Android/iOS) or PC website of the CMSV platform, as well as audio recording (if the connected cameras allows it).

To set up the cameras, you must use an AHD compatible 5"/7"/10" monitor (you can choose directly from our offer). You can connect any 4 monitoring cameras to this set ( 2 AHD interior FULL HD cameras are supplied in this set), you can connect 2 additional AHD cameras from our offer.You can also choose the preferred length of cables to the cameras from 5, 10, 15, or 20 meters in the order.

PROFIO X7 - 4-channel wifi car camera monitoring system 4G SIM FULL HD

car dvr live monitoring recording 4 cameras 4g sim support

The system also offers a LIVE image from the cameras in real time. This is a 4-channel car DVR with the possibility of connecting any 4 cameras for the exterior or interior of the vehicle (side, rear, reversing), which you can also purchase directly in our store with 4PIN connector (it is also possible to use built-in cameras in your vehicle). External cameras can be connected with a resolution of 4x Full HD or HD cameras. A built-in recorder that enables recording from all four cameras at the same time. Slot for 1x SD memory card up to 256GB + it is possible to connect either SSD disk or HDD disk 2,5". DVR can be connected to 12/24V power supply.

Monitoring system with 4G SIM support and connection of 4 cameras for LIVE monitoring and recording

car van truck Monitoring system with 4G SIM profio x7

The support for creating a Wifi 4G hotspot via an inserted 4G SIM card will certainly be interesting. The DVR can also record sound through a microphone, but it must be located in the body of the camera. Footage is saved on a supported SD memory card up to 256GB in size - the device has 1x slot for an SD card or an inserted 2,5" Hard Disk. The body of the DVR recorder is made of high-quality materials, which makes it resistant to high temperatures or extreme cold (- 20°C to 65°C) . Cyclic recording, rotation, flipping and mirroring of the camera image are a matter of course. You attach the cameras in the set to the windshield thanks to the 3M sticker.

Live GPS location tracking in real time and live image tracking with up to 4 cameras

You can connect to the vehicle via the mobile phone application as well as the CMSV WEB platform, on a PC or tablet.

The map will show you its current location with time, speed and GPS coordinates. The app also supports the live preview function in real time. In the monitoring system (application, web platform, PC software) you can   monitor multiple devices. You can also view the driving history and the previously traveled route of the vehicle. It is possible to look back and view the recording from the cameras as long as the device is online.

Redirection to the WEB Platform

car dvr profio x7 - cmsv platform

profio x7 car dvr camera recording live video 4g sim

Optional accessories - possibility to connect up to 4 external cameras with 4 PIN connector

Possibility to purchase (connect) up to 4 external cameras with 4PIN connector, which allows the combination of cameras as needed (according to the type of mounting or dimensions and preferred design of the camera, with or without night vision, etc.). In the case of a personal vehicle, you can configure the cameras so that they record the sides of the vehicle and the space behind the vehicle. In the case of means of transport other than a bus, you can combine cameras so that 2 cameras record the entrance door of the bus and 1 camera can record the space behind the vehicle or the behavior of the driver. To set the camera, it is necessary to connect any MONITOR with a 4PIN connector to the camera, on which the driver will have an overview of the cameras and their recording (or it can also serve as an helper when reversing) or you can change the camera settings. When using the monitor, the camera can be adjusted using the included remote control. The monitor is not part of the package, but it can be ordered from us.

Wiring diagram of the PROFIO X7 system - a universal camera system for vehicles

scheme diagram of the profio x7 camera system in the car van vehicle

Lockable design

The tamper-resistant lockable design provides a secure fit that prevents physical access to the microSD card slot and SIM card slot, greatly reducing the risk of data tampering.

camera profio x7 dvr 4 channel dash cam system

Memory card slot

The camera has 1 slot for a memory card up to 256GB. The recording stored on the card represents approximately 2GB per hour per 1 recorded channel at Full HD resolution. Memory cards are not included in the package.
profio x7 support micro sd 256gb

External GPS module with 3m cable

Most car cameras have a GPS module built directly into the body of the camera, this can sometimes cause problems when searching for a GPS signal, especially if the windshield has additional surface treatment such as windshield heating, etc. The Profio X7 car camera is equipped with an external GPS module, which has a long 3-meter cable, so you can place the GPS module anywhere in the vehicle.

4 channel DVR for truck, van, bus, work machine - perfect video recording - no blind spot

dvr system for bus, truck, profio x7

Live real time monitoring - Watch footage from the dash cam anytime, anywhere

profio x7 car camera live view on smartphone app - dash cam

Wifi internet in the vehicle - 4G HOTSPOT

Just insert a 4G SIM card and you can easily connect to the Internet. After inserting the SIM card into the device, you can activate the hotspot function and it will create a 4G WiFi access point (data services must be activated on the SIM card). It supports 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA and 4G (LTE) data transmission. So you can connect to high-speed Internet almost anywhere you have coverage.
Wifi hotspot car camera in the vehicle profio x7

Loop recording - Cyclic recording

When the storage space on the inserted micro SD card is full, it can automatically overwrite older files with newer ones, so the files are constantly deleted.

Cyclic recording camera profio x7

Support WDR function (Wide Dynamic Range)

The DVR recorder supports the WDR function (depending on the type of connected cameras), WDR is a high-end technology applied to cameras, regardless of whether the environment is too bright or dark, or whether there is shadow, reflection, dimness, etc. WDR is the difference in light levels in an image between the darkest and brightest areas.

WDR - wide dynamic range car camera profio x7


profio electronics The Profio Tracking Cam X7 camera is a top product of the new PROFIO ELECTRONICS brand, which is closely specialized in the development and production of innovative cameras that bring a new dimension to their use in everyday practice.

DVR Specifications:

● High resolution camera support: 600tvl, 800tvl, 1000tvl / AHD 720p, 1080p
● 5-inch/7-inch/10,1-inch LCD TFT monitor with 4 channels of simultaneous live real-time recording
● Support for a wide range of operating voltage: 9-36V DC
● Storage: 256GB SD card, 2TB HDD (cards are not included in the package)
● CMSV6 professional fleet management software: Windows, iOS, Android client
● Operating temperature: -25℃~+65℃, for stable performance at low and high temperature

Operating system: Embedded Linux OS
Operating interface: GUI, mouse support
Password security: User password/Administrator password
PAL/NTSC: H.264 video compression
Image display: 1 camera/ 4 cameras simultaneously
Audio recording: Synchronized audio and video recording
Recording mode: Manual/Alarm
AV input: 4-channel (4 cameras)
AV output: 1-channel VGA video output, 1-channel AV output
Alarm input: 4 digital inputs
HDD/SSD: 1 HDD/SSD 2.5" (up to 2 TB, support connect/disconnect during operation)
SD card: 1 SDXC high-speed card (up to 256 GB)
USB interface: 1 USB 2,0 (support USB disk/mouse)
IR interface: 1 built-in IR receiver
Function extension - GPS
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n, 2,4 GHz
Power supply: 9~36V DC
Output power: 5V 300mA
Power consumption: Standby mode 3mA, Maximum consumption 18W @12V 1,5A @24V 0,75A
Working temperature: -20 --- 65 ℃
Dimensions: 162 mm x 153 mm x 52 mm

Camera specification:

Model: Profio CY-74
1/2,8" Sony 307 image sensor
PAL/NTSC TV system
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Sensitivity 0,01 Lux/F1,2
AHD video output
Lens f 2,5 mm Megapixel 2.0
Power supply 12V DC±10%
Power consumption 130 mA (max.)
Operating temperature -30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Dimensions 66(L) x 51(W) x 50(H)mm
Net weight 108 g

Package contents:

1x Profio X7 DVR system
1x External GPS module with 3m cable
1x LTE antenna
1x Wifi antenna
1x Assembly kit
1x Power cables
1x Remote control
2x Camera key
1x Manual

2x interior car camera
2x cabling according to your choice of 5, 10, 15, 20 meters
2x screw for fixing the camera
1x Allen key
1x manual
camera profio x7 accessories package contents

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Multifunctional camera

excellent multi camera for fleets
the app is very clear
possibility to connect any monitoring camera

I've been looking for a truly multi-camera solution for our truck fleet, and I have to say that this one ticks all the boxes. On the one hand, I have a record saved even from several weeks, because the HDD can also be inserted there, so the history of drives for a really long time. The mobile application works well and I can also view the live footage from the cameras.

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