Wireless hunting alarm motion detector system 1 receiver (watch) + 3 PIR sensors

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Wireless hunting alarm motion detector system 1 receiver (watch) + 3 PIR sensors with notification of movement in the monitored area.

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Product description

Wireless hunting alarm motion detector system 1 receiver (watch) + 3 PIR sensors with notification of movement in the monitored area. Motion infrared (PIR) sensors are used to detect the movement of a human or animal at a distance of up to 20 meters and then immediately send a signal to the receiver - a watch,  in a distance of up to 200 meters. The receiver will alert the wearer of the watches about the movement with acoustic sound (beeps), with light (LED light) or vibration.  You will be informed on the receiver which motion sensor triggered the alarm, so you will know exactly where the possible offender or animal is. Hunting detector at a professional level.

PIR Motion alarm system 3 sensors + receiver (watch)

hunting alarm system

Motion sensors can be mounted and switched on permanently outdoors. Therefore, you only need to have a receiver with you, which automatically pairs with the sensors when switched on, and the system is immediately active for motion monitoring. Thanks to this innovative alarm system, you will be informed about the animal or human before it notices you. Great use for hunters, animal watchers, but also for securing the surroundings near the house, garden, cottage, or during camping.

motion alarm system

Watch - the receiver has a built-in rechargeable battery, which is charged with the included USB cable. The sensors are powered by a 9V battery (batteries are not included). The detection sensors are resistant to weather conditions in the exterior with IP54 protection - they can withstand rain, strong sun, snow and wind. The motion detection angle on the sensor is 120°. By using all three sensors, you have guaranteed 360° coverage of the space, without blind spots.

wireless motion detection alarm system

The receiver is a practical watch that looks like a regular digital watch. They can receive signals from up to 100 sensors.
The individual sensor can also be paired with more receivers.

alarm system in the watch


plus Motion alarm system
plus Sensors detect movement up to 20 meters
plus Range of sensors to receiver up to 200 meters
plus Alarm - acoustic, light, vibrating
plus 360° coverage of the area without a blind spots
plus The sensors meet the IP54 standard


PIR motion indication: up to 20m from the sensor
Distance between sensor and receiver: up to 200m
PIR angle: 120°
Water resistance sensors: IP54
Alarm: Vibrating, acoustic, optical
Sensor mounting: Strap or screw
Sensor power supply: 1x 9V battery (for each sensor, not included)
Receiver power: rechargeable built-in battery
Charging: USB cable
Sensor battery life: 4-6 months
Receiver battery life: 4-5 days
Sensor dimensions: 7,5x15,4 cm


Package Contents

3x Motion detection sensor
3x Antenna for sensors
1x Watch - receiver
3x Strap
1x USB cable for charging the watch
1x Manual

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Product rating (1)

Tomáš L.

Wireless hunting alarm motion detector system 1 receiver (watch) + 3 PIR sensors

A very innovative novelty for people who like nature or are engaged in animal husbandry or hunting. I really like the fact that I get a notification of movement within hours, even at a fairly decent distance (about 120-130 m for my use).
Durability of sensors in bad weather
It covers a large area comfortably
Clock notifications are great
Higher price, but it is a really innovative solution.
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