Personal alarm - mini security alarm 7 in 1 vibration/sound/light - 130 dB siren + PIR sensor

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Personal alarm - mini security and safety alarm multifunctional 7 in 1 vibration/sound/light - 130 dB siren + PIR sensor motion sensor up to 10m.

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Product description

Personal alarm - mini security and safety alarm multifunctional 7 in 1 vibration/sound/light - 130 dB siren + PIR sensor motion sensor up to 10m. This alarm is multifunctional - contains up to 7 functions in one device - PIR motion alarm, warning light function, vibration alarm, light alarm, Bluetooth Anti-lost function, flashlight light, SOS alarm with siren. When you're out and running, walking the dog, or coming home late at night, this personal alarm with clip and lanyard and light provides lightweight, discreet yet powerful sound protection from a 130dB loud siren whenever and wherever you need it.

With the simple push of a button, this device will trigger a loud, getting attention alarm that can deter intruders and alert everyone within 180m of your location. In addition to the alarm function, the device also provides a bright LED light with 3 operating modes - flashlight, slow flashing and fast flashing. It serves to find the way in the dark, or as a protective beacon alerting drivers of your presence during a night run or walk.

Personal safety - protect yourself and your loved ones

smart security alarm mini personal sensor multifunctional

If you are in a dangerous situation, you will need to act quickly to defend yourself or call for help. This smart personal alarm will become your personal helper not only in an emergency but also for a daily feeling of safety. You can use the device both outdoors and indoors, it is easy to handle and has a nice appearance. It can be used anywhere, for example outdoors, in a hotel, in a campsite, on a business trip, or for a child on the way home from school, etc. It can be installed on fence, door, window, balcony, tent, as well as on your purse, backpack, luggage, safe, drawer, suitcase, etc. Protect the safety of yourself, your family and your belongings.

Infrared induction alarm - PIR motion sensor

When camping, place a smart alarm around your tent or caravan to protect your safety. When a potential intruder/thief/animal gets into the protective perimeter within 10m of you, the device will immediately notify you of the intruder and trigger an alarm for 3 minutes.

alarm for tent camping - PIR motion sensor

Vibrating alarm - Your private space will be safer

Hang or place the device on a door, window, or anywhere you want, and if anyone presses the door handle or opens it, the device will immediately trigger an alarm. Do you want to be sure that no one touches your mobile phone while you away from it? Place the device on the mobile phone and in case the mobile phone is moved, the device detects vibration disturbance and triggers an alarm.

personal security alarm - vibrating alarm

Warning light function

When running, driving at night, switch the device to the warning light mode so that you are visible to others. Hang the device on your arm or attach it to your bike and the red and white lights will flash alternately to warn other road users and passersby.

led security alarm - warning light function

SOS function - loud 130dB siren

When you are in danger, just press the SOS button. The loud 130 dB alarm siren will help scare off an attacker, attract the attention of others or call for help.

sos function button - loud siren 130 db personal alarm

Flashlight mode - LED light

Thanks to the 6-hour battery life and the LED light inside, the smart alarm can be your flashlight in the dark. If you are in a dark place, you can use the device as an emergency LED light, it will be your portable flashlight.

security smart alarm - flashlight mode - LED light

Bluetooth function against loss and theft

Connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth to the device. Place the device on your luggage, or hang it on your child's backpack or school bag, and as soon as you forget your luggage somewhere,
if someone tries to take your suitcase, or if your children go within 10 meters from you, the device will alert you with an alarm.

personal portable mini alarm against loss and theft - alarm

Wide use of the alarm

The alarm security device is widely used, for example, when camping, in a caravan, hotel, at home, in a drawer, wardrobe, box, backpack, luggage, or as a child guard so that they do not go far from you.

personal smart alarm - mini portable bluetooth

Light alarm trigger

If you place the device in a drawer, safe, closet, etc., in some dark environment, and as soon as someone opens the device, the device will detect the change in light and trigger an alarm.

Light alarm trigger - security alarm


Battery capacity 570 mAh
Charging time 1~2 hours
Continuous working time up to 80~100 hours
Material ABS plastic
Dimensions: size 43x48x32 mm
Weight: 37 g

Package contents:

1x personal alarm

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