Invisible spy earpiece + Bluetooth armband 5W

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Invisible spy earpiece + Bluetooth armband with ultra performance and amplifier with the power 5W designed for comfortable use in movement.

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Product description

Invisible spy earpiece + Bluetooth armband with ultra performance and amplifier with the power 5W  designed for comfortable use in movement.  Armband can be easily put on your hand through the elastic breathable fabric without restricting of movement. For quick use is equipped with Velcro along the entire length of the bracelet. So it ensures that this armband is perfect for every hand regardless of size.

If you are going to use spy earpiece somewhere out and you know that you have to overcome distances in the  fast pace, or you will overcome rugged terrain, this Bluetooth elastic armband will definitely help you.


Spy Earpiece with Bluetooth armband  is a revolutionary device that allows you to connect with someone remotely using your mobile phone,  but without anyone knowing about it. The principle is quite simple, just insert wireless spy earpiece into your ear, which with its small sizes is almost invisible  and use specially adapted Bluetooth armband through which the signal is transmitted from the mobile phone to spy earpiece.


Invisible earpiece + Bluetooth armband

The latest improved model of the popular spy earpiece. Compared to the previous model it has improved anatomical shape to perfectly fit to the ear to avoid sound leakage to the surroundings. The handset consists of the most modern sensitive receiver (coil), stable micro speaker with very clear and pure sound with minimum noise.

Features of spy invisible earpiece

  • Professional design, excellent sound quality
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable handling
  • Battery: 1,55 V (SR 416SW 337) Battery life up to 7 hours
  • Dimensions: 13x6mm
  • Working frequency: all frequencies
  • Bluetooth connection with mobile devices.
  • Simple controlling and receiving of calls.
  • Support for handsfree for two-way communication.
  • The possibility of playing the records directly from your phone - to play MP3 files.
  • Talk time per 1 charge is up to 12 hours, Standby up to 130 hours.
  • Bluetooth loop contains a built-in 700mAh lithium battery
  • Bluetooth loop contains 5W amplifier
  • Integrated microphone


Spy earpiece comparative table

Package includes:

  • Bluetooth armband with microphone
  • Professional spy earpiece
  • USB cable
  • Battery: 1,55 V
  • Power adapter
  • Manual


Why to buy spy technology through our shop?

We are a direct importer and distributor of spy technology with years of experience. Our requirements regarding the processing and improving of products we consult directly with the producer. Each product included in the sale will  pass the entry quality control and only after that is ranked to our offer of spy products.

Our tests show that our sold technique is more efficient and has a longer life compared to competitive products. In case of unexpected technical problems, we try to solve the situation urgently towards customer satisfaction.

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What is the size of the tape box and what is the size of the microphone housing

Albert Dalipaj respond

Hello! I am interested in the spy headphones with a ribbon, but I have a question: Does the microphone work if it is removed from the shirt or does the shirt perform any function in the microphone and what are the dimensions of the microphone box? Give me an answer and I am interested in sending the address .
Thank you!

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Invisible spy earpiece + Bluetooth armband 5W

Pintér Vera respond

I would like to inquire if it is possible to connect it to an MP3 and play the audio from it? even connect the wristband to an MP3 with a wire?

Translated from: hu
Cool Mania

Invisible spy earpiece + Bluetooth armband 5W

Mario Bruchanik respond

Hi, yes, of course, then this

Translated from: hu
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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