Bug Detector + GSM + WiFi + GPS Locators + Camera with Flexible Gooseneck Sensor

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Bug detector + GSM + WiFi + GPS locators + Camera with flexible gooseneck sensor - multifunctional detector of hidden devices.

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Product description

Bug detector + GSM + WiFi + GPS locators + Camera with flexible gooseneck sensor - multifunctional detector of hidden devices. This hidden camera detector is used for personal privacy. It is easy to use and you will quickly find the hidden camera lens and track down the signal of hidden cameras and listening devices. It detects the GPS locator in your car and tracks the source of the wifi and GSM signal. The detector has a built-in rechargeable battery, which is charged via an USB cable. The detector is small and lightweight, so you can take it everywhere with you, whether on business trips or holidays - secure your privacy from unwanted surveillance.

  The detector has a flexible gooseneck for even better detection in hard-to-reach places

camera and bug detector with flexible gooseneck

The detector detects a GSM signal source (2G-4G) and a 2,4GHz Wi-Fi signal (router and mobile hotspot)

bug detector

It will certainly find its application in hotels, boarding houses, offices, changing cabins, public toilets, gyms, etc. Spy cameras can be hidden in various things, such as light bulb, smoke detector, wall clock, lamp, TV, alarm clock, weather station, speaker, pen, keychain, glasses or other objects. Thanks to this device, you can effectively prevent eavesdropping, secret filming and misuse of personal information. The detector will certainly be appreciated by people who often use bank cards, often travel and sleep in hotels, beautiful women who protect their privacy from paparazzi. You can also use it for business meetings, secret meetings, exams and interviews.

hidden camera detector

Check your hotel room for undisturbed privacy - find a hidden camera through a red viewfinder and IR LED lights

wifi device detection

Thanks to the additional adjustable antenna, this detector reveals a hidden GPS locator in your car

gps locator detector



plus Small size and low weight
plus Flexible gooseneck for detection in hard-to-reach places
plus IR light for detection of hidden cameras
plus Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM signal detection
plus Rechargeable battery
plus Test camera

Technical specification:

GSM signal detection: 2G - 4G
Wi-Fi signal detection: 2,4GHz, wifi cameras and spy eavesdropping devices
GPS detection: yes
Signal indicator: 7 levels (LED indication)
Hidden camera indicator: 4 levels
Battery: built-in with a capacity of 950mAh
Charging: 3 hours
Dimensions: 5,6x11,1x2 cm
Weight: 210g

Package contents:

1x Bug detector
1x GPS antenna for scanning
1x Test lens
1x Micro USB cable
1x Manual

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