Bionic ear - with headphones

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Bionic ear with headphones for sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Look at our offer and find what you look for.

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Product description

Bionic ear - with headphones - spy listening device that works as a bionic ear and lets you hear low sound up to 20 ~ 30 m, and loud sounds for incredible distances up to 100 meters! with the included high-quality stereo headphones.

Except this, bionic ear has a built-in Monocular, which allows you to see objects zoomed up to 8 times, a digital recorder to record sounds that you listen to. You will even be able to tune the frequency to set the wide receiving of sound to target one sound.

This is a perfect spy listening ear for nature lovers, or just for fun. Bionic ear with headphones on sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Look at our offer and find what you look for.

bionic ear

Product specifications of Bionic ear:

  •      It captures sound within 100m max
  •      Built-in Monocular: 8x zoom
  •      Concector for headphones: 3,5 mm
  •      Power supply: 1x 9V battery
  •      Stereo headphones: Adjustable lenght 160 mm ~ 200 mm

!!! A seller is not responsible for misuse of these products for illegal purposes. Before use, it is important to be familiar with the conditions (the right, tech. prescriptions, promulgations, etc..) for operation with products in the country!!!

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Schmitt respond

When I'm outdoors, I can listen to conversations inside houses.

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Cool Mania

Bionic ear - with headphones

Pavel Kováčik respond

Yes, but this device is very sensitive and you hear all, what is between the device and a listening objective.

Translated from: fr
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