Audio blocker - portable voice ultrasonic listening (recording) jammer + 6000 mAh + remote control

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Audio blocker - portable voice ultrasonic listening (recording) jammer + 6000 mAh battery + remote controller. Best white noise generator.

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Product description

Audio blocker - portable voice ultrasonic listening (recording) jammer + 6000 mAh battery + remote controller. Best white noise generator. This device prevents the creation of an audio recording. Its main function is to ensure the user's privacy by interfering with digital recording devices using sound that the human ear cannot pick up. The blocker effectively prevents any professional device from creating audio recordings, which makes it ideal for home, office environments, or on your travels.

audio voice blocker - audio jammer white noise generator
8 hours of continuous use

The recording blocker is equipped with a high-quality and durable battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh, which guarantees up to 8 hours of continuous use per charge. Thanks to this high-capacity battery, users can use the device for long hours without worrying about running out, which is ideal for longer meetings, conferences, or when traveling. The durability of the battery means that you can be sure of its long-term reliability and trouble-free operation even in demanding conditions. This battery feature allows users to maximize the device's potential without the need for frequent recharging.

voice recorder audio recording blocker jammer for microphones

Ease of use

The recording blocker is designed with an emphasis on simplicity and convenience of use. Operation is extremely intuitive thanks to the single button that is part of the remote control. Allows users to easily activate or deactivate blocker functions. The device also offers three directional signal outputs, which improves its effectiveness in blocking unwanted audio recordings from different directions. With two-level adjustability, users can adjust the blocking intensity according to their needs and situation.

audio jammer - cancels the transmission of audio voice recording

Portable mobile power source

The recording blocker is not only an effective means of privacy protection against unwanted audio recordings, but also functions as a portable mobile power source (external battery). It allows charging of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, making it the ideal companion for people on the go. With integrated mobile power functionality, the blocker provides a double benefit – protecting against unwanted recordings while ensuring power is available for other devices, which is especially useful during long journeys or when other power sources are not available.

portable audio white noise generator - audio voice recorder jammer blocker


  • Interference with digital devices
  • Safe ultrasound technology
  • Double remote control, range 1-50m
  • 6000 mAh battery
  • Lasts up to 8 hours per a single charge
  • Aluminum design, multi-operation mode
  • Stable and long-term operation
  • 5V USB power supply

Package contents:
1x Portable voice recording blocker
1x Remote control
1x USB cable
1x Manual

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