LED light strip Smart 2m - Twinkly Flex - 192 pcs RGB + BT + Wi-Fi

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LED light strip Smart programmable - 2 meters - Twinkly Flex - with 192 pcs LED lights RGB, Bluetooth + WiFi, control via APP.

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Product description

LED light strip Smart programmable - 2 meters - Twinkly Flex - with 192 pcs LED lights RGB, Bluetooth + WiFi, control via APP.  This revolutionary LED light chain brings a unique light decoration to our homes using the latest technology. The lights are controlled via a mobile application that is compatible with Android, iOS.

Smart led light strip - Twinkly Flex 2M

twinkly flex led light strip

The devices communicate with each other wirelessly using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can pair and control 10 Twinkly lighting devices at once, or 4000 LEDs, with the same displaying light motif and pattern. You can create your own amazing animations which will fill and brighten the entire room. The strip is designed for indoor use - IP20 protection. This flexible adjustable LED strip is 2 meters long and has 192 RGB LED bulbs.

RGB led strip - Twinkly FLEX

twinkly strip 2m

LED luminous decorative strip 2M - TWINKLY FLEX (192 pieces of lights)

The light strip consists of 192 pieces of LED lights suitable for any decoration. ​​The RGB diode means that LED lights can make an RGB light shade of 16 million colors. You can adjust the light intensity and the exact color from the color scale. This special edition includes smart home integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

smart led light strip wifi

Your decoration can be created from several devices and different shapes. Do you want to have a light chain on the wall, a colored frame and an LED sparkler on the windows, and a large Christmas tree in the middle of the room? Not a problem! Create your own scene and control it at once with a common lighting theme.

rgb led strip colored

Universal LED light ornament controlled via a mobile application for Android and iOS

Beautiful light decoration - set your own colors, animations and motifs of LED lights together for several LED devices

flexible led strip

The sophisticated mobile application pairs your smartphone with the device and you can control it immediately. The application itself maps the layout of the lights and you can then easily set a different color for each bulb or group of bulbs separately. The controlling is very simple, fast and intuitive. In the application, you can choose from default patterns, download new patterns from the Internet from the online gallery, or create your own themes and save them.

twinkly mobile application

You can also control light intensity, rate of change, color, hue, brightness, rotation, blending, and more. The timer function allows you to set the light to turn on and off automatically according to a time schedule. The playlist function allows you to set different types of themes in chronological order and automatically change them according to the settings

twinkly applicationcontrol of lights via mobile phonewifi led strip

With the optional USB device MUSIC DONGLE, your Cristmas tree will respond to the music played in the room, the light will change and switch to the rhythm of the music, according to the set parameters. There are a number of patterns and themes available for selecting "display by music", which can be edited and set to suit your needs.The changing lights in the rhythm of the music, as the graphic equalizer dances immediately at each party. USB device MUSIC is an additional product, it is necessary to buy it in our e-shop.

twinkly music

A unique LED that has all the bright rainbow colors

led light stripwifi led lights


plus 192 LEDs
plus Control via mobile application
plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
plus RGB light - scale 16 mil. colors
plus Universal use
plus Length 2 meters


Model: Twinkly strip 2,0m
Number of diodes: 192
Durability: IP20
Diode diameter: 4,3 mm
Connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Length: 2 meters
LED type: RGB scattered flat
Cable: white
Input voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output voltage: 15W 5V/3A
Bulb life: over 30,000 hours

Package contents:

1x LED light strip with 192 diodes + controller
1x Adapter
1x Manual

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