Neon lights sign - HELLO Led logo

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Neon lights sign - HELLO Led logo. Glow neon sign  ideal as an interior decoration of your business (restaurant, pub, club).

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Product description

Neon lights sign - HELLO Led logo. Glow neon sign  ideal as an interior decoration of your business (restaurant, pub, club), house, flat, room, etc. for sale online here. Impressive advertisement - perfect illuminated decorations to attract attention.

The stylish neon decoration, which you will usually find in bars and nightclubs, is now also available for your home or to your business premises. Classic advertising banners or posters are becoming a thing of the past, and because they make a visual clutter, many of us don't even notice them anymore. Each of us likes to differ by something else, as for the individual, as well as to business where it is really necessary. Thanks to LED glow sign board, signs or logos, you will brighten up the space or attract the attention of everyone around you. LED ads that will appeal to you.

Various Neon signs (LED light up sign) Illuminated advertisement

LED light decorative logo - which, thanks to the lighting, stand out among the usual advertising and information banners. Their great advantage is the ability to place them repeatedly wherever you want. They are perfect for offices (to make the surroundings more pleasant), for your businesses (as an effective advertisement or poster), or to your home (as a modern design). They will also serve as navigation LED illuminated signs to attract the customer. LED light decorative inscriptions are delivered directly on a translucent plastic pad, so you can place them virtually anywhere.



Shape: Hello
Dimensions - 43x31cm
Power supply - USB 5V
Power cord length - approx. 180 cm

Package contents:

1x Led light log


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Harriet respond

Can you hang the sign on the wall? Is a nail sufficient in such cases?

Translated from: sv
Cool Mania

Neon lights sign - HELLO Led logo

ADMIN respond

Hi, yes of course you can hang it :)

Translated from: sv

LED advertising neon logo illuminated - HELLO

Miroslav Piskla respond

Can this product also be used indoors? /which shines from both sides/
Thank you for your response

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Neon lights sign - HELLO Led logo

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
Yes, of course it shines from both sides.

Translated from: sk
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