Buy 2 Led t-shirts and get 1 led shoelaces for free

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MEGA Action - buy 2pcs of LED T-shirts and get 1pair of led shoelaces free.

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MEGA Action - buy 2pcs of LED T-shirts and get 1pair of led shoelaces free.

You can choose from any model of T-shirts and any colour of shoelaces.
(Just write a note to the order, what models, how many pieces, what colors and sizes you require).

led t-shirt action

Hot product at our market - Led T-shirts with sound sensor. It flashes, depending on how the music plays the best at the disco, at the club, at a party or festival, it is the right investment for you if you want to be attractive, and especially to be cool. Don´t wait, just check all designs and choose yours.

If you want custom led shirts with your own logo or design just fill up order form directly here.  We will produce LED T-shirts for you with the supplied logo or graphics design exactly by your requirements. With this LED shirt you will definitely have a great marketing tool to promote your business activities.

  • Made from 100% cotton, high quality and comes only in black colour.
  • Led panel is attached to the shirt through the Velcro zip - allows easy disconnection of panel.
  • Mini pack or control unit (where is inserted the battery) is removable because of washing of t-shirt.
  • Mini pack is equipped with the switch ON/OFF and sensitive scroll wheel - you can choose either high or low sensitivity of sound.
  • Batteries: 4 x AAA (not included)

Make a note that there are companies that selling very CHEAP LED T-shirts with CHEAPER materials and due to this problem, the UNITS MALFUNCTION and produce a LESS VIBRANT Light. WE are selling QUALITY LED T-shirts with FINEST materials. Furthermore, we offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

Do not buy cheap LED t-shirt. Click for more info.

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I can select the types of shirt?

Leonardo respond

If I buy 2 shirts in the same package I can select the type of each one? And how?

Cool Mania

Buy 2 Led t-shirts and get 1 led shoelaces for free

Mario Bruchanik respond

Yes of course, you can specifiy which design and size in order note.

We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (2)


2 LED T-shirts + shoe laces

The t-shirt is really cool, it takes the pace incredibly well. Our New Year's Eve had big hits.
Not true to size: I ordered M and L t-shirts, they are almost exactly the same. The women's t-shirt was not slimming, although that was the point. The shoelace is very stiff, so far I haven't been able to lace it anywhere. It's a waste!

He brought it because I ordered it.

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Everything is fine again

We are very satisfied again. Shirts are of good quality. Everything works great. Excellent customer service. I can only recommend the shop and the products.
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