Led shoe lights - black

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Led shoe lights - black from brand GLUWY. With shining sneakers you will surely shine on each party, disco or festival.

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Product description

Led shoe lights - black, from brand GLUWY are the latest tweaks in today's fashion world of young people. With shining sneakers you will surely shine on each party, disco or festival. So, if you like to be the central point of attention and want to shine, this COOL flashing sneakers are the right choice for you.

!!! Special gift for order of LED Shoes – Fidget Spinner for free !!!

fidget spinner gift

GLUWY is a new lifestyle fashion brand for all young people who have their own specific party LED style.

gluwy led fashion


Sole of each LED shoe can light or flash in different color, which you can customize by on your clothes or mood. You can choose up to 11 lighting modes (different colors + lighting styles). Each sneaker is equipped with a USB port, through which the sneakers are charging for 2 hours with the included USB cable. Battery life is 5-6 hours.

ice shoes



  • Type: lace-up sneakers - black
  • Material of sole: rubber
  • Material of sneakers: synthetic leather
  • Power supply: Built-in lithium battery
  • Charging: via USB (2 hours)
  • Battery life: 5-6 hours
  • Battery voltage: 3,7V
  • Lighting modes: red, green, blue, light green, light blue, white, turquoise, turquoise flashing, alternating fast and slow blinking, fast blinking, alternating slow and fast blinking

Package Contents:

1x pair of LED shoes
1x USB charging cable
1x Carrying bag
1x Manual in English
+ LED Fidget Spinner for free

In a variation of the product, please select the size of LED shoes

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Bubu respond

Hello, these shoes change color so that when a person walks, the color changes with each step??? When a person takes a step?

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Led shoe lights - black

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
We're sorry, but the shoes don't light up a different color with each step. The shoes have 11 lighting modes and each mode offers a different color or light effect.

Translated from: sk


Tomáš respond

Hi. You have attached a size chart, but you don't have one for numbers 45 and 46. May I ask what the size of the insert is for EUR numbers 45 and 46? :)

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Led shoe lights - black

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
Unfortunately, since these are newly added sizes, we do not yet have an updated data table. If you hesitate between two sizes, I recommend choosing the larger size.

Translated from: sk
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (13)


LED sneakers

they fit perfectly on the leg
Translated from: sk
Petra Šimková

Great satisfaction

Everything was identical to the goods from the photo, thank you very much, great satisfaction
Translated from: cs
Jana J.

LED sneakers

- it shines beautifully
- simple operation and easy charging
- nice design
- they are made of artificial leather that looks a little cheap
- inflexible and therefore a little uncomfortable for dancing
Translated from: cs

LED sneakers

Great satisfaction, they work mostly well and the range of programs is pleasing
Sometimes one shoe will turn on by itself, simply by moving. Unfortunately, we are out of pocket and spinner. It was necessary to fully charge them before first use.
Translated from: cs


The goods corresponded to the photos and the description. My daughter got them for her birthday and she was thrilled.
I appreciate the speed of delivery of the ordered goods.
I also appreciate that the sneakers were loaded.
We received a sports pocket for shoes and a spinner for the sneakers :-)
Translated from: cs

Led shoe lights - black

The goods arrived, everything is fine, the daughter does not wear other shoes, a great gift
Translated from: cs
Iveta Kolenicova

ice sneakers

my son is delighted, he likes to wear them, he doesn't even want other shoes, I recommend them to everyone, a great gift
Translated from: sk


the goods arrived quickly and in order. The shoes are amazing, without any defects. I RECOMMEND
Translated from: cs
Romana Milbauerova

LED sneakers

It stays charged for a long time
beautiful colors
Big success everywhere ;)
Translated from: cs

LED sneakers

gift kt. please
easy to control
beautiful bright colors
the shoes are not only beautiful but also comfortable
does not have
Translated from: sk

Led shoe lights - black

The shoes are really great
There could be more selection ☺
Translated from: cs

I live my disco story :)

Thank you very much for prompt delivery
Shoes are beautiful :)
I especially like that I can change colors
Shines very strongly
If there were more models of shoes to choose from

I'm living my Disco story :)

Thank you very much for the prompt shipment
the shoes are beautiful :)
What I like most is that I can change the colors
it shines very brightly
If only there were more shoe models to choose from
Translated from: cs