RGB LED party glasses with various animations

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RGB LED party glasses with various animations - programmable LED show glasses with 68 full-color pixels. You will become a walking light show.

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RGB LED party glasses with various animations - programmable LED show glasses with 68 full-color pixels. If you want to be center of attention and want to excel everywhere, just believe, that these glasses will be your best choice. You can choose from the enormous number of animations that will appear on your RGB glasses.

Everyday, you can change the color animation and you will still have a lot of fun with it. They are the best way to get attention at parties, concerts or disco. RGB LED party glasses do not have integrated battery. To use it, you must connect an external charger as optional accessories.

RGB LED glasses are programmable glasses with 68 full-color pixels on the front. LEDs can show different colors by mixing the levels of red, green and blue colour. As well as LED screen on the computer or phone. The integrated microcontroller Arduino controls the color of each pixel to display a wide variety of colorful animations. Although LEDs are bright from outside, really bright... they are almost invisible from the inside. You can quite easily see through the slits of glasses.

Warning: when you wear these glasses, you will be the center of attention! It is impossible to overlook glasses and you immediately get the contact with people. You will become a walking light show and the people you will stop you to talk to you ..

What will you get? You will receive a LED panel with 68 full-color pixels, control board, spare "hacker" board for adding your own circuit and installation kit required for mounting of frame + small hex wrench. Also you will get a special thin cable to connect to power source. USB cable is very thin for an optimal wearability.

RGB LED glasses

RGB glasses are made exclusively from carefully designed printed circuit boards. Typically is the PCB (printed circuit board) hidden inside the enclosed space, but we used 3D modeling and precise manufacturing techniques to create a puzzle structure which is very strong. They are folded and unfolded just like current sunglasses. All electronic components are exposed. We recommend to be careful not to fall down directly on the ground and into the water.

The kit of RGB glasses comes with electronic components, fully assembled, but requires some mechanical installation (without soldering). You need to put together several pieces together (it's quite fun and it takes about 15 minutes), install the eight screws and connect the cable. The pack comes with hex wrench, you also need a small Phillips screwdriver, small pliers or tweezer, and security thread or glue.

Power source. Unlike single-colour LED Matrix glasses, the RGB glasses have integrated battery. Requires much more energy, so we decided to include thin USB power cable that can be connected to a wide range of portable USB rechargeable batteries (you can buy in our e-shop as an optional accessory).

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