LED gloves - White

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LED Lighting gloves for each party maniac on sale at a good price you can buy in our online shop. Changing colors of silver, black or white gloves.

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Product description

These exceptional illuminating gloves are suitable for either party, disco, festivals and other events. Course can be donated as a special gift. Be cool and you obtain these LED gloves.

Each finger of the glove can shine in different colors of RGB scale - red, blue, green. You can also control the glove, to adjust faster flashing or slower, or lasting shining - you can choose up to 7 flashing modes. Gloves have the universal size, fit for all sizes (except of very large hands), are made of cotton and elastic material for the most comfortable wearing.
LED gloves for each party maniac for sale at a good price you can buy in our e-shop. Color changing gloves silver, black or white.

led gloves

Product Specifications

  • RGB colors: Red, Blue, Green
  • 3 colors in each finger (red, blue, green)
  • 7 flashing modes:  faster flashing, slower flashing, lasting shining and other
  • Gloves are visible for a distance of 500 meters.
  • Power supply: Lithium battery CR 2032
  • No cable in the gloves
  • Universal size, fit for all sizes (except of very large hands)
  • Made of cotton and elastic material for the most comfortable wearing.

Note: The gloves are not suitable to clean in washer machine, because of electronic components. Not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

Price is valid for 1 pair/2 pcs of LED gloves

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Miriam Adamíková respond

is the lithium battery soldered to them?

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

LED gloves - White

Mario Bruchanik respond

Good day
These are small round batteries CR2032, which you can usually buy in an electrical store or a watch shop.

Translated from: sk
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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