Bike Smart Set - Intelligent helmet + adapter + speed sensor

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Bike Smart Set - Intelligent helmet + multifunction adapter with PowerBank 5000mAh + Nano speed sensor.

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Product description

Bike Smart Set - Intelligent Helmet + multifunction adapter with PowerBank 5000mAh + Nano speed sensor is news on the market of cycling accessories and components. LED helmet with remote control on the handlebars and a lots of features like remote controlled  LED blinkers, handsfree, or transmitter, listening to music, summoning help in an accident. Of course the basic function of the product remains the same. It is a helmet that protects the head of the cyclist before the accident. It has also the international certifications - marking CPSC, SNELL, B90A, CE, AS / NZS ensuring compliance with relevant standards. The basic function are the LEDs built on the back of the helmet which serve as warning elements and they are flashing red. With using an external driver that is installed on the handlebars of the bicycle you can use function of blinkers to switch LED lights, that will start blinking with orange colour on that side of the helmet where you turn, to right or to left.

Helmet LEDs are

When turning on the road, you will become clearly visible and you do not need to signalize the direction of your ride with your hands. Helmet has on the both sides built-in speakers located under the ears and in front part of the helmet there is built-in microphone. Through the app, you can connect your phone with a helmet and use it as a handsfree device, or you can play music through it. Directly in the application is integrated voice chat Walkie-Talkie, so it serves like transmitter through which you can communicate with other users of this helmet around you. The speakers are designed to keep ears of cyclist unblocked, so he stays in touch with the outside world and knows what is happening around. Taking care of the safety of the cyclist is provided by sensors that can detect the fall.

Cycle helmets as a safety system

After the fall, if is not noticed any move of the helmet 30 seconds, the connected phone begins "rescue program". Via the phone, or internet will send the prepared accident report containing the GPS coordinates. If you ride somewhere outside of civilization, this is great special function. Rear LEDs are integrated under the plastic surface. The helmet with all technical devices that are hidden inside, weighs only 319 grams. Built-in 380mAh battery will last 10 hours of operation. Above the forehead of the cyclist is on the helmet a panel with three buttons: play/pause/on/off and two buttons for volume control and forward/reverse. There is also a built-in microphone and micro USB port for charging the battery.

driver smeroviek cykloprilby


Multifunctional extension for mobile phone with built-in 5000mAh Powerbank. The extension can be mounted on handlebars with a diameter of 31,8 mm. The device consists of a extension with built-in powerbank, that connects the handlebars with the bike frame, and a holder for your mobile phone. There can be tightly attached a mobile phone with a screen size of 4-6 inches. It has a vertical adjustable arm and head of holder can be rotated up to 360°. Your mobile phone can be adjusted to the required position and you can have it always on the eyes. Built-in POWERBANK ensures that your mobile phone is always charged wherever you are. To check the charge status of powerbank serves LED battery indicator with 4 levels of charge. This can be handy for example when using a mobile phone as a GPS navigation where is increased energy consumption, when connecting to handsfree or for use of other functions.

Multifunctional stem configuration options


Nano speed bicycle sensor through the mobile phone, is an innovative method of tracking of speed, kilometers traveled and many other functions through your mobile phone. The device is installed on the pedal crank from the right side. You must tuck the sensor into the plug of matrix which connects the crank to the bicycle frame. The sensor is powered by button battery and is paired with your phone via Bluetooth connection. With using mobile application that can be free downloaded, nano sensor will send information about your current speed, kilometers traveled and other functions, that application contains. The sensor powered by button battery in standby mode will last up to 180 days.

Nano speed sensor and via mobile phone

Features of smart bicycle helmet:

plus LED helmet with lots of features
plus Controls of blienkers on the handlebars
plus Built-in speaker and microphone
plus Handsfree function and Walkie-Talkie transmitter
plus Function of rescue program of injured cyclist
plus Connection of helmet with the phone through the app


Bicycle Helmet with driver specifications


Specifications of smart bicycle helmet:

Bluetooth connection: BLE4.0 + HFP / HSP / A2DP
Bluetooth distance: Max. 10 meters in free space
Speaker: Stereo 2X 0,5W
Microphone sensitivity: -39 dB
LED Tail lights: 8 full color LEDs + 3 LEDs to turn to right and left side
Control buttons: one button (play, pause, stop), two buttons (next track, previous track and volume control)
Charging: Micro USB port
Power supply: DC 5V / 0.5A
Battery capacity: 3,7V / 380mAH (1.4WH)
Charging time: approx. 1,5h
Battery life: 10 hours
In standby mode: duration of 180 days
Product dimensions: 280 x 220 x 150 mm
Weight: 319 g (± 5%)
The size of head circumference: 54-62 cm


Features of holder for mobile phone:

plus Holder for mobile phone with a built-in powerbank
plus Installation on the handlebars
plus Powerbank with a capacity of 5000mAh and LED charge indicator
plus Flip vertical angle of holder movement up to 200º
plus Head of holder adjustable in all directions 360º
plus Suitable for the screen size of mobile phone 4-6 inches

Holder cell phone specifications

Specifications of holder for mobile phone:

Color: black
Handlebars diameter: 31,8 mm
Dimensions of the phone: 4-6 inch screen
Battery capacity: 3,7V / 5000mAh
Charging port: Micro USB 5V / 2A
Charging time: approx. 3,5 hrs
Output port: Micro USB 5V / 2A
Battery indicator: battery status 4 levels
Settings of holder: rotary up to 360º and adjustable in 4 directions
Flip angle: more than 200° 
Extension length: 120 mm


Features of Nano speed sensor:

plus Sensor of speed with connection via a mobile phone
plus Easy installation
plus Standby time up to 180 days
plus Monitoring of speed, kilometers traveled and other functions

livall Nano speed sensor specifications

Nano speed sensor specifications:

Power supply: button battery CR2032 3V 210mAH
Installation: from outside on the right side crank
Standby time: Max. 180 days
Nano sensor size: 30 × 30 × 12 mm
Connection: Bluetooth


1x Smart-cycling helmet
1x Remote control with adapter on handlebars
1x Micro USB charging cable
1x Adjustable holder
1x Extension on handlebars
1x Built-in 5000mAh POWERBANK
1x Nano speed sensor
1x Manual

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