Luxury garden table (conference) imitation of cast concrete marble + gas fireplace 2 in 1

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Luxury table for the garden (conference) imitation of marble from cast concrete + 2 in 1 gas fireplace for the exterior in the shape of a rectangle provides a full-featured fire.

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Product description

Luxury table for the garden (conference) imitation of marble from cast concrete + 2 in 1 gas fireplace for the exterior in the shape of a rectangle provides a full-featured fire, heat and light without unnecessary smoke and smell. Although even winter has its charm, especially when you are surrounded with the pure snow, you will surely agree that a warm sitting is welcome during such weather. There is nothing better than summer walks, a warm evening when we can spend hours and hours in the air. But what about in winter or on cold evenings?

Everyone loves to sit by the stove, fireplace or radiator with a cup of tea after returning home. A fantastic and at the same time stylish coffee table with a gas fireplace will provide you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy pleasant moments in the warmth of your home. A decorative accessory and useful heater will become the most pleasant place in the garden, yard or terrace.

conference table for the garden, terrace, marble, gas fireplace luxury

You don't have to chop wood anymore - just press one button and it BURNS!

It doesn't matter if it's cold or frost outside! With this wonderful decorative and useful accessory for your terrace or garden, you will make beautiful moments of well-being, relaxation, romantic sitting or sitting with friends, or just look intto the fire alone with a glass of wine and enjoy the peace, air and warm heat radiating from the circular fireplace. A table with a fireplace with which you can indulge in the warmth and atmosphere of a real fire wherever is not available or you do not want to start a real fire. The fireplace table provides a full-featured fire in terms of heat, light or flames, but without smoke, odors and flying sparks.

Conference table marble with fitted gas fireplace

The fireplace in the garden is a popular, modern, decorative element that serves as a practical heater

There are several ways to bring warmth, light and irresistible design to the terrace or garden. This is mostly difficult to achieve with a single supplement. A table with a built-in gas fireplace, in addition to being a full-featured table for the terrace or garden, is also a terrace heater, radiant heater or infrared emitter. You can adjust it as the hot center of your garden, or as a representative outdoor space for your company, where everyone will want to sit on a chair and enjoy the warmth in its modern presentation. Each terrace heater or garden fireplace has its own priceless mission, which is to extend your opportunity to stay on the terrace, garden or balcony and thus make the most of your rest. Spend more time in the air, at sunset or under the stars, regardless of the season. An open fire in the middle of the table will create a private summer evening on cold days.

garden table with gas fireplace black marble concrete



  • Color: black
  • Material: Concrete/Ceramic stone
  • Dimensions: 158 x 76 x 36 cm
  • Weight: 112 kg
  • Power: 16 kW


Package contents

1x Gas fireplace
1x Fireplace cover in table decor - black marble
1x Decorative glass for covering the fireplace in Bronze color
1x Protective canvas cover for covering the table
1x Gas regulator
1x Inlet hose 3m
1x AAA ignition battery
1x User manual


!!!All tables are sold assembled, just pour the lava stone into the fireplace, connect the gas regulator to the bottle and everything is done.!!!

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