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Product description

Hippsy Waist Warmer - Black - Protect your waist in stylish colours of rainbow

Are you worried of getting cold from the waist? Do you have a problem with your kidneys? Be careful about your health and be stylish. New fashion trend in Europe - Hippsy mania.

More and more women become a victim of colds and inflammation because of modern fashion. There is a critical point where the shirt ends and legs begin. Waist Hippsy has a primary role to protect this narrow strip from the cold.

Hippsy waist warmer is nothing more than a heater, or loin and hip protective belt for women and girls. It is very comfortable and we should not worry about sweating. Made of flexible natural material (95% cotton, 5% lycra). It can be wound on the skin without using of buttons or zipper. Various colours will definitely brighten your closet.

Hippsy - you can buy online in our e-shop for good price.

Size of Hippsy Waist warmer

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Also for men?

Volker Raiser Germany respond

<a href="https://www.cool-mania.com/fashion/hippsy-waist-warmer/hippsy-black">https://www.cool-mania.com/fashion/hippsy-waist-warmer/hippsy-black</a>
also for men?
12,-- Euro and ? shipping costs to Germany

Cool Mania

Hippsy - black

Pavel Kováčik respond

Yes, this product is also for men and shipping to your country cost 10€.

We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (26)

Nina Zambakides


I saw hipssy first time a few years ago at yoga exhibition and have been wearing them ever since. Great product and helps to keep my back supported and warm

Very satisfied

My husband even sleeps with it. And he hasn't had any problems with spine, since he has used it.
I highly recommend.

Super helper :)

I had problems with the kidneys. my friend recommended me Hippsy. As I wear it, my kidneys are warm and I do not feel pain.
I wear Hippsy always and everywhere.
I recommend to everyone mainly to those with back problems.
just a few colors