Heating belt pad for knee

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Heating belt pad for knee. Infrared heating belt with heating pad inside, with external power supply for example, via Power bank or adapter.

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Product description

Heating belt pad for knee. Infrared heating belt with heating pad inside, with external power supply for example, via Power bank or adapter (not included), which you can buy in our e-shop. If you use the Powerbank as a power supply, the heating belt has a built-in pocket to insert the powerbank and you can move freely wherever you are without any cables. The heating belt is adjustable with strong adhesion and firm, and adapted to individual needs, suitable for knees and joints. Use a heating belt in the office, home or gym.

heating belt on the knee

The belt generates infrared radiation to achieve more intensive physiotherapeutic effects. It is easy to use and can be used anywhere, anytime, just close the heating belt, stick firmly, adjust the temperature and carry it comfortably and relax. Fast and stable heating, the belt can transfer heat to the knees very quickly, warming up to 30° C in 10 seconds. The belt creates infrared waves to release tension, the active collaterals to improve microcirculation of blood circulation of body, it releases anions to purify blood and into active cells, and promotes PH balance of body.

This heating belt is lightweight and portable, so it's great for hiking, sports or just for a weekday, because as it is powered by an external Powerbank charger or adapter, or via a USB port such as a computer or laptop, you can wear it with you wherever you go. And the heating belt is an unique companion for a cold winter days when we sit comfortably in the chair in front of the TV, drinking warm tea while feeling the warmth of the infrared heating belt.

infrared heating belt for knees and joints



Use of heating belt: knees and joints
Improved microcirculation and increased metabolism
Accelerating healing of wounds, injuries or fracture
Improving blood circulation
Reducing arthritis, improving knee rheumatoid arthritis
Treatment of knee sprain
Rheumatism and postoperative bones trauma
Easy pain, inflammation relief, auxiliary physiotherapy
Relaxing with heat, ensuring support and protection of knee
Quick heating function in seconds
Overvoltage protection
Extremely safe and reliable
Lightweight and portable
Ergonomic design
Can be cleaned manually
Comfortable for work, cooking, sleeping, reading or hiking.


Power sources: 5V portable charger Powerbank (not included), USB car charger (not included), or connection to USB 5V computer port or via adapter
Material: neoprene and fabric
Temperature: high/medium/low
Fast heating in 1 minute
Overheating protection
Color: Black

Suitable for:
As a gift for your father, mother, grandfather or grandmother.
People who have a sedentary job, such as drivers or office workers.
Athletes or people who practice and train regularly.
Heating in cold weather or winter.
People who had knee problems: such as arthritis, knee numbness, hyperosteogeny, knee rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and trauma after bone surgery.
People with leg disease such as pain, numbness, thigh pain, or cold knees.


On/Off button:  Press the button to switch between 3 temperature modes. Set the temperature level and enjoy the heat. To switch off, press the button again until it turns off.
High (Red light), Medium (Blue light), Low (Green light)
Automatic shutdown when overheating

Package contents:

1x Heating belt for knee

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