Ultrasonic Skin Cleaner - deep cleansing spatula on the face

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Ultrasonic Skin Cleaner - deep cleansing spatula on the face is a modern revolutionary solution in the field of beauty, health and skin care.

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Product description

Ultrasonic Skin Cleaner - deep cleansing spatula on the face is a modern revolutionary solution in the field of beauty, health and skin care, offering deeper and healthier skin treatment and cleansing, removing black dots and tighten pores. This deep skin cleanser is one of the latest generation cosmetic devices.

Every woman desires to have a beautiful and clean skin. Cosmetic treatments are very long-term and take too much time. It is a pleasant relaxation, but in today's hectic time, it is quite difficult to find 2 hours for cosmetic treatment in the beauty salon. That's why there's a new home comfort solution.

An ultrasonic cosmetic spatula that ensures professional skin cleansing.
skin cleansing - ultrasonic spatula


Do you suffer from problems like oily skin, black dots, porous skin and have you noticed increasing of wrinkles? Well, maybe it's the highest time for a deeper cleansing of your skin. Unfortunately, time is running and this process is we can not stop. As the years run, our body changes, hormones and skin requires quite other care that we have been used to.

How does an ultrasonic spatula work?

The ultrasonic cosmetic spatula contains 3 basic functions to make your skin health, beautiful and bright.

  1. Peeling (cleaning function) - ultrasonic vibrations provides deep cleansing
  2. High-frequency oscillation (W Moist) - provides better blood circulation, promotes the formation of new cells and also enables better absorption of creams
  3. W Lift (stretching of skin) - removes dead skin cells and stretch the skin, makes firm, bright and youthful look
ultrasonic face cleaner

What are PLUSES of ultrasonic cosmetic spatula?

  • Removes black dots
  • Tighten pores
  • Stretch the skin
  • It unifies skin color
  • Reduces wrinkles around your eyes
  • Eliminates greasy skin
  • Better absorption of cleansing emulsions or creams
ionizer skin cleanser


How to proceed ?

1. Clean your face, remove make-up. Before use, it is important to warm up the face either with a warm towel, or make  the treatment after the bath, when the pores on the face are most open. Turn on ultrasonic Ultrasonic cosmetic spatula

spatula to the cleaning mode (Peeling). The light indication will indicate which function is in use. At cleaning mode are low vibrations, recommended at the start of cleaning. It is important to keep the face wet. The direction of cleaning is also important. Therefore, it is also important to look at the picture instructions of the skin cleaning direction, in order to follow the correct procedure and achieve the desired effect.

2. W-Moist high-frequency oscillation - for better application of creams, the device should be held with the other way, that means with the control panel to the face. You should lead the spatula alongside the face, by pulling it from along the chin up to the forehead, until the cream is completely absorbed.

In any case, before switching on, you need to study the User's guide


Technical specifications

Model X01
Dimensions 180 x 44 x 28 mm
Weight 106 grams
Battery lithium
Usage time within 90 minutes
Charging time 2 hours
Power 2.3W
Voltage DC5V
Charging USB, rechargeable battery
Color White
Working temperature 45ºC-50ºC
Waterproof IPX5


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