Kingdom 3 in 1 ultrasonic skin cleaner

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Kingdom 3 in 1 ultrasonic skin cleaner - galvanic skin scrubber + ionizer with high frequency vibrations + reduction of wrinkles.

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Product description

Kingdom 3 in 1 ultrasonic skin cleaner - galvanic skin scrubber + ionizer with high frequency vibrations + wrinkles reduction. Skin "washing machine" - that is cleaner and massager of skin is a powerful tool for deep exfoliation of the skin and other cosmetic operations, which are used in cosmetic practice. Cleaner works on the basis of skin microdermabrasion, which uses the vibrations of stainless steel shovel for skin peeling. It has a super compact size and so it is available for travelling. Ultrasonic skin scrubber removes dead skin cells (peeling), dirt and debris, so the skin will be fresh and smooth. Thin metal shovel of cleaner with ultrasonic vibrations painlessly extracts impurity from the pores.

Ultrasonic Cleaner skin

Ultrasonic cleaner improves blood circulation in skin, hydration and tonization. It fully regenerates and restores the contours of the face. Removes excessive grease of the skin, acne and black pimples (spots). Renews and oxygenates the skin, and other features are correction of wrinkles, firming of skin, and works as galvanic iron for complete improvement of muscle tone. The cleaner revives skin and significantly improves lymphatic circulation.


1. Deep cleaning of skin
2. Removes dead skin
3. Removes blackheads (spots, pimples) in the skin
4. Deep exfoliation
5. Removes acne
6. Lightens skin
7. Reduces wrinkles

Galvanic peeling zehlicka

Skin scrubber - peeling skin
Perfectly clean skin
Infiltrates deeply into the skin
Portable and easy to use without manual
Ultrasonic vibrations
Vibrates with facial cells and activates them
Gradually lightens dark spots on the skin
It eliminates wrinkles and gradually lifts passive facial muscles (lifting)
Relaxes skin
Heals and prevents acne
The effect is better in combination with products for skin care, such as deep cleansing oil, cleansing foam, toner, massage cream, essential oils, essences, creams etc.
Medium and fine vibrations and heating of skin without any adverse effect on the skin.
Essential beauty accessory for men and women, for young and old.

Product Name: Ultrasonic skin cleaner
Material: ABS + stainless steel
Voltage: 100V-240V
Power: 5W
Frequency: 25kHz
Dimensions: 15,5x4,5cm

Package includes:
1x Ultrasonic skin cleaner
1x USB cable
1x Manual

WARNING: This device helps and improves the cosmetic effect of skin and trying to achieve the best results for your skin. So it is trying for example to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and helps to smooth them, but the device itself does not remove existing wrinkles, it can be done only with proffesional cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery.

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