Ionic galvanic face cleaner with iontophoresis technology

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Ionic galvanic face cleaner with iontophoresis technology for home use and can be used for lifting, skin cleansing, wrinkle reduction, bleaching of pigment stains, etc.

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Product description

Ionic galvanic face cleaner with iontophoresis technology for home use for the export of impurities from the skin and the import of nutrients into the skin. Iontophoresis is a type of electrotherapy that uses a direct current to transport medicines and nutrients in ionic form to the body. Microglobal iontophoresis is nowadays used mainly by dermatological clinics as a painless solution against aging skin. It is applied to the skin with the help of a contact gel and hydrophilic substances and is used for lifting, skin pigmentation, deep cleansing of the skin, wrinkle reduction and strengthening of the skin, improvement of lymphatic circulation.

Ion galvanic cleaner - import the skin into the skin



Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Material: ABS
Usage: Face
Power: 100-240V
Function: Massage device with iontophoresis technology

Iontophoresis is a type of treatment that uses micro-currents to more efficiently penetrate and absorb water-soluble nutrients into deeper layers of skin, directly deliveres nutrients into the skin, pigments can be efficiently distributed, can deeply reduce fat and strengthen the skin, quickly removes excess fat from the face, and at the same time ionizing smooths the wrinkles, and in particular the active substances penetrate faster into the skin so that the skin absorbs all the nutrients.

1. Decomposition of pigment stains:
The import and export device - Works on the basis of static ion flow for decomposition of pigmentation in the circulation process. Distributed melanin progresses through the vessels or lymphatic vessels into the kidneys and is subsequently excreted into the urine. So dark stains disappear, the device works on the principle of polymer bleach.

2. Import of nutrients into the skin (ball probes):
When the device acts on the face of the face, the static ion flow and the red light function affect at the same time, not only to enhance the resonance of the skin cell molecules, to promote blood circulation and metabolism but also to ionization and increase the infiltration of care products so that the absorption rate Is more than 85%, the effect is 5-6 times higher than the effect of everyday care products.

3. Export of impurities from the skin (roller probe):
After applying an alkaline solution to soften the surface of the old skin, it breaks down the excess fat in the skin, maintains the balance of skin secretion, removes dirt on the surface of the skin, increases the permeability of the skin.

Export of skin dirt

Product effects:

1. Export of impurities
* Makes skin permeable
* Export of impurities, impurities occur immediately after treatment on a wet cotton pad.
* Ion export of impurities
* Remove black dots
* Prevents acne
2. Double bleaching and hydration
* Stainless steel roller
* Absorption of water soluble essences
* Absorption of nutrition for skin hydration
* Supports deep absorption of essences
* Repairing the connective tissue and restoring the elasticity of the skin
3. One machine - double use
* Export of impurities
* Makes skin permeable
* Import of nutrients into the skin
* Double bleaching and hydration

Advices & Tips:

If the appliance or the ball probe becomes dirty when using, turn off the appliance and wipe it with a damp cotton cloth.
Please do not stay long with the probe on one place.
Recommended to use 2-3 times per week, do not use multiple times a day.
The current regulator must be adjusted to the lowest level before first contact with the skin, and at each new use of the device, and may later be increased at the discretion of the user.
When using the export function, the ball probes must be wrapped in a cloth.
When using the device, a small amount of current gets on the skin, so it is recommended to use a maximum of 15 minutes per procedure.

Material: ABS, stainless steel
Galvanic current level: 0,05 - 1,0 mA
Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Weight: 400 g

Package includes:
1x Galvanic iontophoresis cleaner
1x Adapter
1x Manual

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