Face mask - LED technology PHOTO REJUVENATION for skin regeneration and rejuvenation

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Face mask - LED technology PHOTO REJUVENATION for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, is a new and revolutionary solution for skin, neck and decollete care.

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Product description

Face mask - LED technology PHOTO REJUVENATION for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, is a new and revolutionary solution for skin, neck and decollete care. It's basically a type of skin therapy - PHOTON mask that works based on 3 different LED light beams.

Rejuvenating LED PHOTON mask for skin regeneration

Women, we are special creatures. We continually think of how to improve every body defects and how to look better and be more attractive. Actually, we all know it. When we want something, we put the flaps onto eyes and we see only the target and the desired result. Everything must be right now, at the moment of our idea, and yesterday was already late. It's normal and natural. We are women. We want to be pretty, but most of all we want to feel good and comfortable. We just cannot be by ourselves while something bothers us, and until we reach a healthy self-confidence. That´s us, Perfectionists!

Our skin is first-rate for us and every one of us desires to have the beautiful and perfect skin.

Have you ever wondered why women of Asian origin have so irresistibly beautiful and bright skin? Why do they look so young? There is one small secret that we bring to you from far-away Korea. Unique LED face mask to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin .


Korean mask is here for you.

face mask for rejuvenation

Do you have oily or dry skin?

Just 15 minutes of everyday treatment with mask and the results are guaranteed. The LED face mask uses only cold LED light and does not emit any UV radiation. The results are visible after first use. Do not spend the money for the expensive cosmetics,  or creams for dry or acne skin. Try home-made mask, which will make your skin look even better in just a few minutes, at the comfort of your home.



Korean face mask


The proven beneficial effects of LED Korean facial mask:

  • cleans the skin
  • unifies skin color, reduces reddish spots
  • softens skin
  • reduces acne
  • improves stretching of skin
  • delays skin aging
  • reduces wrinkles
  • revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin
  • regenerates cells
  • deeply strengthens the skin



Do you have acne problems? Do you suffer from acne? Are you desperate and you do not know what to do?

We have a solution for you - the LED mask for skin regeneration and vitality of skin. STOP acne, wrinkles and circles under the eyes.

LED skin mask was developed primarily to solve acne problems. Unfortunately, nature has brought us many obstacles with which we must constantly fight. Each of us is very sensitive for our skin and we take care for it for hours. Whether in beauty salons, at home, or in a dermatologist. We just want our skin to be nice, healthy and bright. But what about acne, wrinkles and red spots? The treatments are very long and the results are visible very slowly. The skin is not smooth, it looks not good, and we always hide defects with the make-up, so the skin looks united.


The facial mask with LED is a revolutionary solution for acne problems.

face mask with LEDs for acne

facial mask with LEDs


PHOTO LED mask is a new, proven and revolutionary solution for skin, neck, and decollette care. This is basically a type of skin therapy, that works on 3 different LED beams. Each of them uses a different wavelength and infiltrates into different skin structures, where it stimulates the cells, activates them, and the skin remains hydrated, smooth and complex. The mask is very comfortable and the whole treatment takes only 15 minutes a day. The results are visible after first use. The face is healthier and more vital.

LED face masks

The mask includes a silicone holder on the nose, that provides a great treatment experience. It is soft, pleasant and comfortable.



Effects of LED masks

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Reducing wrinkles

  • Help with acne problems

  • Unification of skin color

  • Smoothing of scars (whether after acne or other procedures)

led face mask


The benefits of LED skin care

  • The red LED light operates at a wavelength of 630nm-635nm. It infiltrates deep into the structures of the skin, greatly stimulates the regeneration of the skin tissue, so it is activating the formation of collagen and reducing the formation of wrinkles. It smooths and enhances the skin.
  • The orange LED light operates at a wavelength of 590nm-600nm. This light is called the "Biological", the natural light that skin needs for the cell renewal. The face skin is smoother, reduces redness on the skin or reduces white or dark spots. The face skin is more complex.
  • The blue LED light operates at a wavelength of 465nm-470nm. It is used for the treatment of enlarged pores and acne, because it has antibacterial and cleansing effects, reducing the amount of skin sebum and clearly improving the appearance of oily skin.


acne mask with LED


Use of LED mask

  • Careful skin cleansing
  • Drying
  • Put the mask on - select LED light type, turn on
  • Repeat treatment once a day/15 minutes
face LED mask for regeneration


Technical parameters

Purpose LED mask for skin regeneration and vitality
Color White
Dimensions of the mask 194 x 141,6 x 169,4 mm
Weight 67,5 g
Material ABS, PVC, FPC, PET
Wavelength of beams Red LEDs: 630nm-635nm
Orange LEDs: 590nm-600nm
Blue LEDs: 465nm-470nm
Skin type All skin types


Package includes:

1x Face LED Photon Mask
1x USB charging cable

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Face mask - LED technology PHOTO REJUVENATION for skin regeneration and rejuvenation

I bought it as a gift for my mother, she kept complaining about her aging skin. What I like most is that it is completely easy to use and my mother says that she has also noticed an improvement in the quality of her skin. A very good gift for a woman.
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