Massage breasts stimulator 7 modes - bluetooth control via app

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Massage breasts stimulator 7 modes - bluetooth control via app, serves to enlarge the breast as well as to improve the circulation of blood in your breasts.

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Product description

Massage breasts stimulator 7 modes - bluetooth control via app, serves to enlarge the breast as well as to improve the circulation of blood in your breasts to help prevent various diseases. If you do not want to wait so long for the result and you do not want to invest in a plastic surgery, there is one more solution - to try a breast massage stimulator. Firming and massage of breast- the desired breast modeling.

Every woman desires to have the beautiful breast to feel self-confidential or to delight your beloved one. Modern times offer a radical solution - the plastic surgery, but not everyone is willing to undergo such a solution, whether from financial reasons or otherwise, for moral reasons.

breast enlargement - stimulator via bluetooth

And, ultimately, it's very easy to fall under the knife to improve something. Let's try it differently, easier and painlessly. On the contrary, you will enjoy a nice massage and at the same time you give to your bust better blood circulation, health and even increase volume. Each of us wants to have the firm and beautiful breasts. We bring you a solution how to make your breasts firm and nice, or just a little increase volume.

massage stimulator - breast massage

Benefits of a massage stimulator

Massaging - with regular massage the breasts are mor firm and lifte

Enlarges the breasts - with 2 built-in vibration engines, the breasts are visibly enlarged and become more round, firm and more sexy.

Push up the breasts - one of the offered option of device is the regular manual massage that promotes stretching and firming of chest. This prevents the unwanted effect of the drooping breasts.

Improves blood circulation - Through deep vibration, the blood circulation is accelerated, provides cell renewal and promotes prolactin production, which is important not only for breastfeeding but also for breast growth

Practical use - work, sport, homework, learning, shopping


breast enlargement massage - stimulator

How does it work? augmentation and consolidation of the bluetooth stimulator

It's not just such an ordinary device that fall into forgotten after its opening.

There are 2 very important features. Massage and function to enlarge and strengthen the bust.

Massage breast stimulator is a modern massage device that provides a certain amount of comfort and convenience. No more remote controls or cables that we do not know where to hide them to not be visible.

This novelty offers a modern solution where you can control the massage device via Bluetooth. Simply connect it in with your phone and turn it on whenever you want and need.

You will hide the stimulator in each bra. It's really inconspicuous and practical. It is suitable for all types of basket A, B, C, D.

It works on the basis of a pair of balanced vibratory motors that are built-into both sides, what ensures the balance of massage forces onto both breasts.

It is made of very soft silicone so it is very pleasant to the skin and with its flexible shape it adapts to every body.

It provides 7 different massage functions with 15 degree intensive scatter.





It is only a few minutes a day of intensive massaging the bust and the results are guaranteed. Do you want to have bigger, firm and beautiful breasts? So do not hesitate and try a massage stimulator to increase your breast volume.

how to enlarge bust - breast stimulator

How to use it?

  • Turn on the device, turn on Bluetooth in your mobile and pair these devices
  • Put the stimulator into the bra
  • Open a mobile app and choose one of 7 types of massage
application - stimulator and breast massage


Technical specifications

  • Material: silicone
  • Dimensions: (260-305) x 65 x 19mm
  • Source: Lithium polymer battery 3,7V; 380mAH
  • Charging: After 2-3 hours of charging, the massage device lasts more than 2 days of use
  • Noise: less than 50dB
  • Functions: 7 massage functions
  • Levels of intensity: 15
  • Washable, easy to maintain

Package contents:

1x Massage stimulator
1x USB power cable
1x Product manual
massage breast stimulator mobile

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