4 in 1 photon galvanic ultrasonic massager

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4 in 1 ultrasonic photon galvanic massager - this rechargeable massager is mainly used for basic treatment of body and face.

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Product description

4 in 1 photon ultrasonic galvanic massager. Ultrasonic 1MHz photon rechargeable massager is mainly used for basic body and face treatment. It will help to firm the body (bodybuilding), to achieve slender body curves, lifting of flabby face and eliminate acne dots. This gadget effectively massages the skin cells, enhances tissue regeneration and also supports the absorption of essences. It also helps in weight loss and maintaining a slim figure and removing cellulite.

massage machine 1 in 4


Product type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: ABS/metal
Application: for body
Size: Medium
Classification: Ultrasonic, photon therapy, galvanic
Suitable for: skin rejuvenation, pain relief and slimming, anti-cellulite

1. Ultrasonic
Precise massage of cells
Increases the temperature deep within the skin
Support of absorption of essences
Speed up metabolism
Strengthening of tissue regeneration
Weight loss (slimming)) and bodybuilding

photon therapy

2. Photon therapy
Organic red light: wavelength 625 ± 3 nm (16 LED)
Organic blue light: wavelength: 465 ± 3 nm (16 LED)
Organic green light: wavelength: 525 ± 3 nm (16 LED)

3. Galvanic
Positive ions: Deep cleaning of skin pores
Negative ions: help with delivery of nutrients deep into the skin, lifting and stretching of the skin

Technical specifications:

Functions: Ultrasonic, photon therapy, galvanic, massage
Ultrasonic: 880khz-1MHz
Red light: 622-628nm
Green light: 522-528nm
Light Blue: 462-468nm
Galvanic: positive ions, negative ions
Frequency: MAX.1MHz
Color: white, blue
Dimensions: 24x8x6cm
Net Weight: 245 grams
Power supply: AC-100-240, 50 / 60Hz, DC 5V, 1A
The volume of the battery: 1200 mA lithium battery
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel


1x Massager
1x Manual
1x Adapter (US /EU/UK)

WARNING: This device helps and improves the cosmetic effect of skin and trying to achieve the best results for your skin. So it is trying for example to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and helps to smooth them, but the device itself does not remove existing wrinkles, it can be done only with proffesional cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery.

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