Multifunctional UV sterilizer for toothbrushes

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The multifunctional UV sterilizer for toothbrushes combines up to 3 products. The sterilizer will also serve as a toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder.

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Product description

The multifunctional UV sterilizer for toothbrushes combines up to 3 products. Its primary use is UVC sterilization of toothbrushes, but it will also serve as a toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder . Oral hygiene is a matter of course today, but few people realize that after brushing their teeth, a large number of bacteria remain on the brush. If these bacteria are not destroyed in any way, it can result in various dental complications. UV sterilization is one of the most effective ways to disinfect objects or the environment.

3 in 1 toothbrush sterilizer

There are many products based on UV radiation, but it is often time and space consuming to sterilize objects such as toothbrushes (for example, you have to place the UV lamp somewhere, turn it on, put brushes under it and put them away again after a while - not to mention the fact that active UV light would there should be no people or animals in the area).

Elegant solution for storage and sterilization of toothbrushes in the form of a multifunctional UV sterilizer

sterilization of toothbrushes

You won't have any problems with the multifunctional toothbrush sterilizer. It serves as a holder for brushes (for 5 pcs of toothbrushes) and in the space where the brushes are located there is a UV light that disinfects them - this space is closed so you do not have to leave the room during sterilization. Since the brush cleaner serves as a stand, you don't have to move the toothbrushes under the lamp and back to their original place, so you save space and time. A suitable accessory is also the possibility to store toothpaste in the sterilization holder for brushes, which again saves time and space. The toothbrush cleaner has a built-in 1500 mAh lithium battery and the disinfection process takes about 4-6 minutes .

UV sterilization can destroy up to 99% of bacteria in a few minutes.

UVC brush disinfection


Technical specifications:

Material - ABS
Working temperature - 5-50 degrees
UV sensitivity - 1000uW / cm2
Battery - 1500mA
Endurance - up to 6 months. per charge
Dimensions - 22x13x6.3cm
Weight - 470 g

Package contents:

1x Multifunction sterilizer for toothbrushes
1x USB cable
1x Manual

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