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JOKER - Multifunctional headwear (scarf or bandana) is unique protective breathable alternative for face mask or face balaclava.

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Product description

JOKER - Multifunctional headwear (scarf or bandana) is unique protective breathable alternative for face mask or face balaclava. With a stylish multifunctional scary scarf in the design of the legendary JOKER, you will definitely become unmissable. Head scarves for men and women.You can buy headwear for men, women (unisex) with various motifs online, for sale in our e-shop. The protective scarf on the face (on the head) serves as a protective face mask and can therefore protect against dust, so it is suitable for outdoor activities, for example it captures small particles in the air and is therefore a suitable prevention during influenza seasons COVID-19 (as a protective mask). How you use it is up to you.

Here you will find stylish and cool scarves on the face (multifunctional bandana), which are not only effective and protective, but also look cool and stylish. The patterned shawls which we offer, are made of 100% polyester, thanks to which they are able to capture dirt and pollutants more effectively than other materials used in the manufacture of face scarves. Face scarves for men or women (unisex) for sale online - in stock, you can buy the best respiratory protection in our e-shop.

Multifunctional scarf headwear (face and head) is suitable as protection against viruses (as a mask during flu seasons) or for outdoor sports activities

multifunctional headwear usage

Scarves (tubes) can be used as: scarf, headband, neck scarf, face mask, cap, balaclava, hood, bandage and others

Protective head scarves will protect you against:

sun - suitable protection of the head as a shawl or hat against strong sun
wind - protects the respiratory tract as well as the head
insects - suitable for example for cycling
cold - protection of the face, respiratory tract against unpleasant cold
small particles such as dust
humidity - for example in mountain hiking

multifunctional scarf protection against

The scarves are made of polyester and are truly breathable. Thanks to this fast drying material, they can be easily washed in water (30 - 40° C) and when wearing them you will feel as if you have nothing on your face. They have also become very popular during the viral and influenza seasons - as a prevention against the spreading of bacteria and viruses. They are an excellent alternative to cotton masks.


Product specifications:

Material: 100% Polyester microfiber
Size: 50 x 25 cm
Specifications: One size (Unisex)

The package contains:
1x - Multifunctional scarf with a pattern

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Product rating (4)


Crazy face scarf

Very nice design and it breathes brilliantly through it. Nowadays, when it is necessary to wear an upper respiratory tract cover, it is a very handy accessory. What I like the most is its originality compared to classic scarves or veils, and it does not interfere with breathing at all.
Translated from: sk

Absolutly cool mask

I just like this movie masks and is stylish and really cool.
Comfortable as well. Protective and worming at the same time. Just love it!

Original scarf

Finally, a fresh breath of originality among those boring and ordinary masks... The pandemic immediately seems more bearable to me if I can make the annoying wearing of masks more pleasant. 100 points for me, I really couldn't decide which one to buy, there are so many to choose from. Maybe I'll buy more and rotate them :)
Translated from: cs


Super nice mate
Quality print
He breathes well through it
The price compared to other customers, but the quality of the material...
Translated from: sk