Quack - Duck protective muzzle for dogs

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Quack - duck protective muzzle for dogs. Put a muzzle on your dog's head and you have a friendly four-legged duck.

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Product description

Quack - duck protective muzzle for dogs. The Japanese came up with the idea how to change the traditional brutal-looking dog´s lip into something pleasant and harmless. They created a funny muzzle for dog called Quack, which is in the shape of duckbill. Put a muzzle on your dog's head and you have a friendly four-legged duck.

duck muzzle

In the overall effect you will certainly achieve that your dog will look harmless, but certainly you will cause a sensation on a walk, because people will wonder and have fun on the duck muzzle, especially children will be surely delighted. Let's just hope that your dog will not be too offended because of this accessory.

quack dog muzzle

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Quack - Duck protective muzzle for dogs

- nothing
- dangerous for the dog
- shunt from Aliexpress for 2 euros
Translated from: cs

Made up by an idiot

Invented by an idiot...someone who doesn't know that breathing with an open mouth is the only way for a dog to cool down...even a standard muzzle must be of a size in which the animal can open its mouth. Not only is it demented and making a dog a duck is dishonorable (as is a dog a duck), but most of all it is DANGEROUS!!! One would still understand that someone would invent such a horror, what's worse is that someone similarly intelligent would take it up as a business plan.
Translated from: cs
To snad ne!

Quack - Duck protective muzzle for dogs

After all, this is a product that can endanger a dog's life. How can it even get on sale?!
Making an idiot out of the dog and also denying him his only chance to cool off. If you like dogs, definitely get them.
Translated from: cs


This is terrible nonsense! The dog must have space to open its mouth to cool down and breathe when it is warm. This is for someone to kill a dog/bitch just because they want it to look like a "duck". It's not even funny, let alone practical. Selling this is really over the top!
Translated from: cs