Luxury Motorhome - Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV

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Luxury motor home - Marchi Mobile elemment RV - especially a luxury vehicle with a huge dwelling on wheels, retractable patio and a futuristic cab.

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Product description

Luxury motor home - Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV - a special vehicle, luxurious and totally absurd, incredible with a big flat on wheels, extended terrace and a futuristic cab of driver. What for do we need hotels, if we have the luxury motor homes? After all, just look, it's like a 12 m long palace on wheels. The only catch is that it costs "only" two million euros ... WTF ?!

caravan elemment

The caravan comes from the Austrian company Marchi Mobile, with a special name eleMMent. It is a special vehicle, luxurious and totally absurd, unbelievable. Why? First, let´s mention a roof terrace, which measures 65 m2. With underfloor heating and bar. But this is only the beginning, because this 20 tons beast alsoshows off a large bedroom with a 40 "TV, beautiful bathroom with rain shower. Even the cab has a bunk bed.

luxury motor home

Futuristic cab of driver
Beautiful bathroom
A rain shower
Beautiful bedroom
Top quality king-size bed

Impressed? Definitely yes, because that perfect house on wheels is equipped with "Sky Lounge", a roof terrace that opens when you press button. But what about additional supplements? Ok, so, for example, mobile Internet, working fireplace, streaming video surveillance, satellite TV and reflective fibers shining in the dark to improve safety at night, showing all others on the road how big is your vehicle.

Rectractable lid reveals a roof terrace with table and sofa. Ideal place to relax after a day on the road, as well as for comfortable smoking break. And speaking about Marchi Mobile, the 510bhp engine of eleMMent reaches a top speed of 150 kmh. So what are you waiting for? These luxury caravans are strictly limited edition, in fact, Marchi Mobile likely to produces only about five pieces per year.

Product features:
The most expensive and extravagant mobile home on the market
The extended 65 m2 terrace with retractable stairs
Full built-in bar
Huge sky windows
Master bedroom with private bathroom
Fully functional fireplace
Glowing reflective fibers on the external side of vehicle when driving in the dark
2x 40 "HD TV
Touch control center
Automatic underfloor heating
Blackout windows
Fully customizable interior
Rotating chairs
WiFi connection
Mini kitchen
Adjustable lighting, air conditioning and heating
Expandable sides of vehicle create a massive 130 m2 of living space
Rain shower
Beautifully furnished with Italian and Austrian design

Technical specifications:
510bhp diesel engine
The consumption: 12 l/100 km
The maximum speed of 150 kmh
Carbon rear diffuser with sport dual exhaust
Aerodynamic design saves up to 20% on fuel costs
Weight 20 tons
Length 12 m
Facing of vehicle made of glass fibers
The chassis is of DAF XF105

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Product rating (7)

Adelf Haitler

Nice shower

Very good shower, can accommodate several people at the same time
Can't breathe in the shower.
Translated from: sv


It doesn't fly!

two million euros for a means of transport and it doesn't even fly??! This was not clear from the description, but by now I have attached the "Vote Conte" sticker on the side and therefore they have not accepted my return ...

Translated from: it
adorn hüttler

Abbruzati honor class

- rooftop for extra flair
- very good video portraying how the Marchi Mobil eleMMent RV works
- Very good speakers for my favorite CD of the Abbruzati Boys
- No gas
- No hairdryer (i have curly hair btw.)
- too much flex with the spinning wipers
Translated from: de

Too much flex

Futuristic windshield nice!
No wine cellar
Translated from: de

what ok

looks cool
No hot tub
Translated from: de

Luxury Motorhome - Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV

Translated from: de
Kő Gazdak

Luxury Motorhome - Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV

Spacious interior, good use of materials.
A bit slow, sluggish.
Translated from: hu