Homemade icecream rolls - Rolling ice cream bowl with 2 spatulas + spoon + 6 molds

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Homemade icecream rolls - Rolling ice cream bowl with 2 spatulas + spoon + 6 molds​ and a free recipe brochure for roll up icecream.

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Product description

Homemade icecream rolls - Rolling ice cream bowl with 2 spatulas + spoon + 6 molds​ and a free recipe brochure for roll up icecream. The bowl allows you to prepare your own ice cream rolls at home. You may be familiar with videos on the Internet about ice cream makers who make the most beautiful and delicious-looking ice cream rolls. Follow the instructions in the recipe book (included in the package) and when the mixture hardens, you can roll the ice cream and serve it in a nice bowl or on a plate. The rolling bowl comes with 2 spatulas, 1 straw/spoon and 6 molds to create your own ice cream shapes. Arranging ice cream will be fun for you and your guests or family will praise not only the taste of the ice cream, but also the beautiful arrangement.

Ice cream production at your home - homemade ice cream in a roll

rolled ice cream homemade icecream rolls

Put the bowl in the freezer for at least 24 hours - it is important to put it in the freezer upside down and it is better to put ice cream cups in the freezer as well to keep the ice cream cool as long as possible. Prepare an ice cream mixture foro making the rolls. Then take out the bowl from the freezer, turn the other way around and pour the prepared ice cream mixture onto the work surface. Pour the mixture in a thin layer and spread it evenly over the entire surface of the bowl. In a few moments, the mixture hardns and then use scraper to create ice cream rolls. This procedure can be repeated several times until the bowl is frozen. The dish must then be washed, wiped thoroughly and allowed to re-freeze for at least 24 hours before use. We recommend washing the bowl after each ice cream production, drying it thoroughly and returning it to the freezer so that it is frozen again and ready for further ice cream production.

ice cream bowl package contents

Product features:

Including recipes
Make your own favorite ice cream rolls
Prepare any flavor and experiment with different ingredients
A bowl with which you can prepare a delicacy according to your imagination

Product specifications:

Materials: aluminum, salt water and ABS
Product dimensions: Ø30 x 6,5 cm
Package dimensions: 34 x 7,5 x 34 cm
Weight: 2,05 kg

Package contents:

1x ice cream rolling bowl
1x straw/spoon
2x spatulas
1x set of 6 molds

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