SprayGard - screen protector for Smartphone, tablet and laptop

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SprayGard - screen protector for Smartphone, tablet and laptop. SprayGard is a clear liquid solution, durable and protects glass surfaces from smudges, scratches, and creates easy to clean surface.

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Product description

SprayGard - screen protector for Smartphone, tablet and laptop. SprayGard is a clear liquid solution, durable and protects glass surfaces from smudges, scratches, and creates easy to clean surface. With one simple application, our revolutionary solution provides superior protection that keeps glass surfaces cleaner for longer. Unique protection for your Smartphone, Smart watch, tablet or notebook. It's incredible, but this amazing  protector for screen and display can't be cut, scratched because it is made by high-tech nano-technology.

spraygard resistant spray for mobile phones to scratch

SprayGard works by creating a protective layer that makes the phone resistant to smudges and scratches. Simply spray the SprayGard onto the screen and wipe. The screen will be scratch-resistant and beautifully clean, even brilliantly polished, so no unwanted smudges or fingerprints remain on the display.

Read the instructions thoroughly before applying. Protection for up to 3 mobile phones.
NOTE: Indoor use in a dust-free environment. Do not mix microfibre fabrics during use.



Applying Spraygard

1. Apply 4 to 7 Spraygard sprays to the device screen or until the screen is completely covered (shake the ampoule before use). Avoid splashing areas of headphones, speakers, and buttons.

2. Wait 1 minute for the solution to evaporate and then gently polish with a BLACK microfibre cloth until the surface is clear.

3. When the surface is clean, use a hair dryer, with setting at a high temperature, 10 to 15 cm from surface in a circular motion for 90 seconds. Wait for the device to cool completely before further manipulation.

Repeat steps 1 up 3 for the second layer of Spraygard. Always use a new clean BLACK microfibre cloth.

NOTE: Any remaining solution of SprayGard can be used to apply additional layers.


Wait 6 hours for the coating to fully harden, while device can be used normally. Avoid exposing the surface to the water during hardening.

For better performance, re-inject Spraygard in 6 months (re-apply when the smoothness of the glass fades and cleaning becomes more difficult). Accidents happen very often and equipment can be damaged in various ways, such as falling. Therefore, we recommend using a protective case to ensure that your device is fully protected.

Compatible devices
Spraygard compatible with smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart watch


Product characteristics

Keep the glass cleaner for longer
9H Lab Certified scratch resistant
For use with laptop, phone, tablet, watch and glasses
50 sprays last up to 6 months
Glass surfaces are amazingly smooth
No additional screen protectors are required
Smooth surface
Applying the solution with circular motion
Invisible screen protection
It protects up to 3 mobile phones

Package contents:

1x Spraygard
2x Microfibre cloths
2x Alcohol wipes

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