Mobile stand SELFIE + smart face tracking (360°)

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Mobile stand SELFIE + smart face tracking (360°) - is the ideal mobile phone stand + holder, suitable for every creative person.

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Product description

Mobile stand SELFIE + smart face tracking (360°) - is the ideal mobile phone stand + holder, suitable for every creative person of nowadays. Entertainment, information, culture - all this is moving to the online space and the creation of this content is no longer limited to selected individuals. Multimedia content can be created really by anyone, and the Follow me holder will make this activity much easier for you. The stand for iPhone or Android is suitable for Vlogging, calling, Instagram or YouTube creation. Do you like to take a selfie? No problem - thanks to tracking your face, the device will also serve as a handy SELFIE stand.

The mobile stand will track your every step thanks to face tracking technology. You can also use it as a SELFIE stand.

smart cell phone holder

The desk stand for mobile phones can monitor the user by tracking his face using a rotating head (360 degrees). Mobile phone stands with this function are perfect for Vlogging, FaceTime, TikTok or for creating on many other online platforms. Thanks to it, you can effortlessly create photos or videos on your smartphone. You can easily connect the mobile phone holder to the tripod using bluetooth and the available application. The application also includes a number of modes and filters for the best and simplest user experience.

The phone stand makes it easy for you to stream or create videos and short sketches.


Thanks to the adjustable mount, it is suitable for the most of smartphones and it is also possible to set the desired shooting angle. The phone stand has a tripod thread located at the bottom, which makes its use even more efficient and versatile. The mobile phone stand literally frees your hands, thanks to the tracking function you will always be in the shot without holding your phone in your hands and so you will look more natural at the shot - what is a great function when streaming or creating various videos. You'll also be able to use it for a video call with family friends or online business meetings.



Material: ABS
Dimensions: 9,3 x 9,3 x 16,5 cm
Weight: 160 g
Power supply: 3xAA batteries (not included)


Package contents:

1x Follow Me Pod
1x Manual

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