Drink labels - Colored pineapple silicone cup markers - 6 pcs

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Drink labels - Colored pineapple silicone cup markers - 6 pcs will add variety to every cup or glass and no one will mistake the cup anymore.

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Product description

Drink labels - Colored pineapple silicone cup markers - 6 pcs will add variety to every cup or glass and no one will mistake the cup anymore. Just choose your favorite color of the practical decoration. Stick a delicious pineapple label on your glass, and the glass is yours alone, decorated with colorful pineapple markings. Have you planned a big party, prepared glasses for wine, beer or other drinks, but are you worried that your guests' glasses will get mixed up?

Fun colored labels are useful for anyone who is having a big party or a big family celebration and needs to mark the glasses so that there is no confusion. Practical decorations bring order to chaos. Clever labeling is always at hand, holds firmly on the glass and can be used repeatedly. Tasty pineapple is a hygienic solution not only for adults, but also for children.

Pineapple labels for glasses - Colored labels for glasses 6 pcs

pineapple labels for cups drinks - marks

Practical and at the same time stylish helpers - silicone cup marks for large family or special events.

Cheerful decorations are also suitable for families with children, who so often fight over even the last biscuit. Color separation will be very engaging for children. Everyone gets a tasty pineapple in the favorite color. No one has to fight for own cup anymore. Cup identification marks are not only practical, but also stylish. The tasteful colorful pineapple for wine glasses sticks firmly to the smooth surface, so you don't have to worry about changing the glasses. Pineapple silicone cup separators beautifully diversify your dull, bland glasses and give them a certain flair and color.

Pineapple wine glass labels

pineapple wine glass labels markers

Small pineapple labels for wine glasses - order and cleanliness in style.

You can choose from six colored silicone pineapples. Labels made of high-quality silicone are environmentally friendly. Simply put them on a glass or cup, and you can easily avoid all confusion and commotion. Glass marks will be appreciated by every wine connoisseur who loves his glass as much as his drink. Treat everyone at the party to own pineapple glass. Wine glass labels will finally bring order to your kitchen sideboard.

pineapple label on glass - marking


Product specifications:

  • Color: mix
  • Dimensions: L 10 x W 13 x H 2 cm
  • Material: silicone

Package contents:

1x set of 6 pineapple cup labels

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