3D maps on the wall - wooden map 150 cm x 90 cm

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3D maps on the wall in exclusive design. This 3D world wooden map as a painting with dimensions of 150cm x 90cm.

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Product description

3D maps on the wall in exclusive design. This 3D world wooden map as a painting with dimensions of 150cm x 90cm (59”x35") has laser engraved country borders, country names, and has EXTREMELY PRECISION PROCESSING. All names of countries, cities and so on, are in English. Every single piece is hand-worked, the every detail has passed the great care at production. The entire 3D travel map on the wall consists of several wooden parts that can be connected to an accuracy of millimeter. It is like a simple puzzle. The map is made of multiple layers of wood, that are glued manually to each other. Individual parts are hand-painted with special wood stain - 5 colors, and have a thickness from 6 mm to 18 mm.

The map is made of multiple layers of wood​, which are hand-painted with special wood stain in 5 colors.

hand-colored 3D world map on the wall

Installation is not difficult at all, everything you can find directly in the package. It is not necessary to use any glue. With the enclosed template you can accurately place out the individual continents and with the enclosed double-sided adhesive tape you can easily apply it onto the wall. So it does not need to use any glue, because it might cause any damage of the wall. Everyone can handle the installation.

3D wall maps can be use as the stylish complement into any interior, and certainly also have an educational effect, as you have the entire map of the world always in front of your eyes and all the geographic information at the hand.

3D wooden world map that can be easily applied onto the wall.

3d wooden world maps on the wall

In the wooden map package you will find 1 wooden compass, 2 wooden boats and 3 wooden planes that you can stick on the wall beside the map to highlight the impression.

• A wooden map is a great gift for your friend, girlfriend or family
• An excellent gift for your boss, colleagues or as a supplement to the office
• These wooden maps are made entirely by hand and are detailed processed
• An effective addition to your home
• Gift package of map

Laser engraved national borders and country names

3D wooden maps on wall continents


Map type:

A map with country names and borderlines + states names of USA, Canada, and Australia

Map sizes and wood colors that you can find in our offer:

M - 100x60 cm, 1-1,2 kg
L - 150x90 cm, 2,1-2,3 kg
XL - 200x120 cm, 3,6-4 kg
XXL - 300x175 cm, 5-7 kg

3d wooden maps on the wall size L

Thickness - 6 mm to 18mm
Material - hand made of wood
The color of the map may be slightly different from the color in the picture, because it is made of natural wood


Easy to install in less than an hour because each piece of map has a number that matches the template included in the enclosed installation guide.
The map contains a special adhesive tape that does not destroy your walls (but does not stick onto wallpaper).


Use the push pins - airplanes or flags to mark any place on the map.
(can be ordered as an accessory to the map)

3D wooden maps on the wall - push pins airplanes3d wooden maps on the wall - push pins flags


Package contents:

1x 3D wooden world map size 150 cm x 90 cm (59”x35") - unfolded into individual pieces
1x Template for correct map placing
1x Set of double-sided adhesive tape for wall mounting
1x Installation instructions

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3D world map

Stéphane Negrello respond

3d world map countries is 6mm to 18mm okay?
Are the capitals of the countries listed?
Do the colors look like the photo?
Thank you for your cordial response

Translated from: fr
Cool Mania

3D maps on the wall - wooden map 150 cm x 90 cm

Mario Bruchanik respond

3d world map countries is 6mm to 18mm okay? Yes
Are the capitals of the countries listed? Yes
Do the colors look like the photo? Yes

Translated from: fr
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (6)

Anastasia Giannakou

Unique project!

Wonderful, different, unique, I believe it fits in every space! It's really well made, it sticks well (I don't know with the very high summer temperatures though if there are any issues) and it looks amazing!

100% positive impressions

Translated from: el

3D maps on the wall - wooden map 150 cm x 90 cm

Excellent product, as in the pictures, live and better.
Translated from: hr
Van Essa

On top 👍👍👍

*Very nice product.
*Quick and neat delivery.
* Ordered on Sunday -> received on Thursday
* Each piece is protected with polystyrene
* Easy installation, just read the instructions well -> installed in 1 hour for me
* quality wooden parts
* very nice rendering I do not regret
Translated from: fr

Map on the wall

The map gave my living room an incredible twist, I thank its very honest processing and eco-look the most. The installation is completely simple and, in my opinion, anyone can do it. I really recommend this unconventional and really special interior accessory to everyone.
Translated from: sk

Stylish map

I bought this map to my library on the cottage and I can recommend it.
The map is precisely produced and and does get attention of all my friends :) Cool supplement.


It makes its absolutely magnificent scene inside a living room or lounge. It is truly a masterpiece, congratulations to the creators.
Anyone who sees it is impressed
- It wasn't in Italian
- If you make a mistake once in putting the nation with the sticker you cannot (if with a lot of luck) remove it to reposition it correctly because the plaster of the wall comes off
Translated from: it