Two-way voice translator DOSMONO Mini S601 with WiFi/3G

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Two-way voice translator DOSMONO Mini S601 with WiFi/3G and 2,0" touchscreen supports 72 languages.

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Product description

Two-way voice translator DOSMONO Mini S601 with WiFi/3G and 2,0" touchscreen supports 72 languages. It is an innovative, multi-functional, electronic two-way translator that includes, except other things, "press to talk" function (press and talk based on the radio walkie-talkie), WiFi connectivity, 3G network and many other features beyond your imagination. The full color 2,0" touchscreen provides convenient control of individual device functions.

The electronic translator is suitable for everyday use whether on holiday or when working abroad thanks to its small, light and prestigious design. With support of 72 languages your travel limits will be unlimited, and you will no longer be limited with worries to travel to the foreign countries due to the language barrier. The translation of sentences and texts (speech) will be a matter of course for you. No additional charges for updates or other hidden charges. No need to register personal data or install an app into the phone.

The function Smart Note lets you record voice comments that can then be exported to a .txt file.

online translator dosmono mini

Support for 8 languages in Offline translation - Chinese (Mandarin), English (United States), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Japanese (Japan), Korean (South Korea), Russian (Russia). With cutting-edge  technology in the world from company Microsoft Azure, the translation recognition rate is up to 97%.


Travel for your dreams and know new places and leave the foreign communication to a revolutionary translator.

online voice translation dosmono


Global language communication

Based on the global 3G network signal, you can create a communication group between users of DOSMONO translators. You generate a communication code to create a private group, and you can communicate with your friends or business partners. You can create up to 6 channels to meet multi-step requirements during business meeting, travel, and so on.


The innovative translator supports 3G network - SIM card

At the back of the device, eject the Nano SIM card holder using the supplied tweezers.
Subsequently, insert the SIM card into the holder with the gold chip down and re-insert it into the device.
dosmono mini s601


Extra long battery life in standby mode

Integrated battery of translator with the size of 1450 mAh is charged in about 2 hours and then provide a continuous working hours to 6-8 hours, in standby time is up to 72 hours (3 days)
speech translator dosmono S601


Integrated system of translator in online mode supports 72 languages

English, Chinese, Arabic, Danish, German, Spanish, Australian, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai and many others.

languages support translators dosmono S601




PLUS Support for 72 languages
PLUS Touch 2,0" display
PLUS WiFi connection and 3G network
PLUS Audio output 3,5 mm
PLUS Function of walkie-talkie between translators


Model: MINI/S601
Processor: MTK 6580
OS: Android 6.0
RAM: 1G, ROM: 8G
Display: 2,0" touch screen
Network settings: WiFi/3G
Language support: 72
Audio output: 3,5 mm headphones
Supported formats: WAV, MP3, TXT
Battery: 1450 mAh
Standby mode: 3 days in WiFi mode
Working time: 6-8 hours
Charging: micro USB
Color: Black with gold
Dimensions: 108 mm (length) x 47 mm (width) x 18 mm (thickness)
Weight: 84 g

pocket translator dosmono mini

Package contents:

1x Multifunctional Translator Dosmono S601
1x Micro USB cable
1x Tweezers
1x User manual

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Aleksandar Asenov

Dosmono Mini S601

Много съм доволен от моят Dosmono
работи много отлично ,превежда мигновено. Единственото условие е да имате добра интернет връзка