Pocket translator - LANGIE online/offline two-way voice translation in 52 languages

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Pocket translator - LANGIE online/offline two-way voice translation in 52 languages, comes with the first two-way translate patent in the WORLD with direct voice translation.

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Product description

Pocket translator - LANGIE online/offline two-way voice translation in 52 languages, comes with the first two-way translate patent in the WORLD with direct voice translation, thanks to which it will be no longer a problem for you to understand people while traveling around the world. Do you travel and discover new places? Do you need to translate a language? You certainly remember the unpleasant situations that occured because of the language barrier. Not anymore! This LANGIE translator, containing up to 52 incredible languages will make your communication abroad easy for you. With this unique language tool, new opportunities are waiting for you all over the world! It is intended for everyone, whether children or older people, who will appreciate easy use of the translator. The translator is for sale at our e-shop with a price that is more than adequate for its wide use - Free translation for all.

Official website for more information about LANGIE electronic voice translator - www.langie.eu

langie voice translator web page

This revolutionary device also serves as a multimedia player for videos, pictures, or as a group translator (you can pair more LANGIE translators) - especially suitable for multiple foreign delegations. Another option for you will be the possibility of learning a foreign language - a sophisticated learning software.


Langie translates into 52 languages and all in the form of sound and truly UNIQUE EXACT TRANSLATION !

translator unique


How does it actually work?

The Langie is equipped with a built-in 1" touchscreen LCD and a dual system of high-quality speakers and microphones.
One microphone and speaker is on the front side of device, through which you can speak the message in your own language, and a man beside you (foreign person) will instantly hear the translation into his language. 
And, in return, a foreign person can tell the answer in his language, through the microphone and speaker on the back side of the device, and you will hear instantly the translation in your language. 
It is really awesome!

langie translation function

If you want to translate some text or words into another language, simply press and hold the blue microphone button and release it after the spoken message (text) is over. Within 1-2 seconds, the translator translates your message in the form of text viewed on the display, and this message will also be launched in the audio form (this language must be supported). If you want to translate what the other person tells you, simply press and hold the yellow microphone button and release it again when the message is finished. The whole process is incredibly simple.
how the langie translator works

Very practical is also the function of the GROUP translator and it will certainly find its application in various foreign delegations.

Here you can tell the text (to pair with 2 or more LANGIE users) and foreign visitors will see and hear the message in their own language.

A pocket translator can recognize your voice and then translate it in real time into a large number of languages, making it a great language tool for travel, self-education, shopping or business. It translates your words straight away and therefore makes you feel as if you were directly communicating with another person. Thanks to the practical mini design, it is very easy to carry, you can put it into your pocket, handbags etc.. It works on a very simple and intuitive principle. Just hold the touch key on the device while you say words, then release and the device immediately translates the required words. There is no better feeling how to travel around the world without any stress and complications with 52 languages in your pocket, literally. You need for example, English-Spanish translator? No problem! This translator of texts and sentences will easily manage it. The battery life, which is up to 5 days in standby mode/5 hours of continuous operation, is interesting feature as well.

Here you can look at the table with supported languages of LANGIE translator.

ALL languages ​​have a spoken voice translation
(all languages ​​translate phrases even in text form on the LCD).

supported LANGIE languages


The pocket translator in offline mode with no internet connection offers:

Multimedia support - picture gallery, digital voice recorder, video and music player.
Educational function - contains voice and picture education for basic languages. So you can learn the language wherever you go.
Sound enhancer - records and then strengthens your spoken words, greatly helps in communicating with people who have worse hearing.

If you pair a pocket translator with Wi-Fi, you'll get some interesting features:

Voice search for images - Recognizes your voice and then searches for the desired thing in the form of an image.
Group interpreter - Join a group conversation with people in different languages.

Voice translator in 52 languages
It recognizes your voice and then translates it into a large number of languages. For better word recognition, WiFi internet connection is required.
Voice search for images
Recognizes your voice and then searches for the image you want. WiFi internet connection is required.
Group Interpreter
Online connectivity allows group conversations with people in different languages. WiFi internet connection is required.
Word translator without an online connection
It recognizes your voice and can translate short phrases or simple words based on the embedded algorithm used for comprehensible translations. It supports only 12 world languages.
Self-learning option without an online connection
With embedded software, you can learn the selected world language very quickly and efficiently.



plus Instant translation in 52 languages
plus Sensitive microphone with voice recognition
plus Digital voice recorder
plus Music and video player
plus Online/Offline translation
plus Battery life: 5 days in standby/5 hours of continuous operation



Processor: ARM Cortex 1,3 GHz QUAD-core
LCD: 1,08" touch screen (27,5 mm)
Battery: 3,7V/2000 mAH
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth: 4.0
Micro SD Card: Support up to 32GB
USB: Micro USB 2.0
Headphone Input - Jack 3,5mm
Input: 100V - 240V
Output: 5V DC 1500mA
Dimensions: 48 mm x 148 mm x 17 mm
Weight: 125 g


Contents of the LANGIE package:

1x LANGIE voice translator
1x USB charger
1x USB cable
1x Headphones
1x Protective case

langie pack contains


Can Langie translate really reliably?

LANGIE is an advanced IT product of the latest generation. In order to achieve the best translation results, it works with 7 online search engines. The manufacturer has even more than 20 years of experience in the market of education and translation in various world languages. LANGIE is constantly expanding and updating its OTA database directly to your device to provide the most effective pocket tool for translation into other languages ​​of nowadays.

real use of langie translator

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richardkritzer respond

where can jt be purchased>andviewed?

Cool Mania

Pocket translator - LANGIE online/offline two-way voice translation in 52 languages

Mario Bruchanik respond

HI, you can buy it directly online at our e-shop.


Off line translation

Frank mihalic respond

What off line translation can it do

Cool Mania

Pocket translator - LANGIE online/offline two-way voice translation in 52 languages

Mario Bruchanik respond

Hi, for offline translations it supports the following languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian.

We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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