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Portable bluetooth speakers - Boombotix - stylish speaker for sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Certified e-shop - safe shopping.

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Product description

Boombotix Street speaker uses Bluetooth to create really portable gadget. It can be clipped to a belt, fits into your bag or fix it to the motorcycle for traveling travel with music, or just place it on your desk. The batteries can be recharged via USB for about an hour and they offer 8 hours of running, while the robust construction is resistant to rain. Plus, thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, you do not even need a cables (but there is a built-in aux input, just in case).

Boombotix - Stylish Street Bluetooth speaker

On sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Certified e-shop - safe shopping.
boombotix   boombotix speaker
Boombotix offers more than just a great portable speaker, it is a mobile audio system as well. SoundHub patented technology transfers audio from input to output, what lets you connect a streaming of audio in and out of your speaker Boombotix and to almost any speaker system. Available in 4 colors:
Portable bluetooth speakers
Ideal for anyone who looks for portable speaker without a problem, that sounds great and looks amazing. And if you look for total stereo sound, so connect more Boombotix speakers for powerful sound!
 boombotix loudspeaker   boombotix speakers 
Please note:
The use of wireless technology requires devices that support Bluetooth
Can be fixed on bicycle, it is optional accessory and fits between the handlebars in average of 25,4 mm to 31,8 mm 

Product Features:
Creative design and robust construction
Bluetooth compatible
SoundHub ™ technology enables wireless stereo system
Connect more Boombotix speakers via a mini jack, and you will create a virtual stereo experience
Rechargeable batteries
USB connection

SoundHub speaker
Technical specifications:
Loudness - 94dB @ 2ft / 83 dB @ 2ft
Audio Input1 / 8 "/ 3,5 mm jack
Power 3W/5W max
Measures approximately 9,6 cm (W) x 5,4 cm (L) x 9,2 cm (H)

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